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Department of Art


Artist and designers enhance the quality of life by interpreting and reflecting upon the time in which we live through creative means. Thought-provoking, aesthetically pleasing and intellectually challenging works of art appeal to the eye and mind, making us aware of the diversity of human life.

K-State Offers a variety of degree options, including a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.), where B.F.A. students choose a concentration in Ceramics, Drawing, Graphic Design, Metalsmithing & Jewelry, Painting, Photography, or Printmaking, and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), where B.A. students choose between an emphasis in Studio Arts or Art History.

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is a professionally oriented degree designed primarily for those planning to become professional artists, art teachers or designers. Greater discipline is placed on actual practice in the creative arts.
  • The Bachelor of Arts degree allows for broader development as you address your studies in art. Following the requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences, a B.A. explores the humanities, sciences, languages and social sciences more expansively. This degree promotes a broader educational experience for those who are interested in a wider field of options after graduation. This degree allows room for a minor in another discipline and easily combines with double majors in other areas.


Curriculum Forms


B.F.A. Foundation Requirement (First 2-years in Program)

All students wishing to earn a B.F.A. degree in the Department of Art complete the two-year Foundation program which includes courses in Design, Drawing, Core electives and the required one credit hour course, Art Careers Seminar. Many of these Core Electives are the first course in the Area concentrations. Students have the opportunity to try out an area before they proceed to the Portfolio Review, and then commit to a concentration.

The spring that Foundation requirements are completed, B.F.A. students submit a portfolio for review in the area they wish to continue on in. The eight studio courses are the following:

Required Core Studio Courses:
  • ART 180: 2-D Design
  • ART 200: 3-D Design
  • ART 190: Drawing I
  • ART 210: Drawing 2
Core Elective

Choose one 2D & one 3D, listed below:

2-D Studio Options:
    • ART 290: Type and Design Principles
    • ART 320: Watermedia I
    • ART 330; Digital Techniques
    • ART331: Interactive Art
    • ART 335: Printmaking I
    • ART 345: Oil Painting I
    • ART 395: Photography in Art
3-D Studio Options:
    • ART 365: Ceramics I
    • ART 370: Metals and Jewelry

You will also need 6 more credit hours of either 2D or 3D courses, listed above. Please note that ART 325: Figure Drawing I, which is not stated above, can be used as one of these required courses.