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Department of Art

Undergraduate Degrees

Artists and designers enhance the quality of life by interpreting and reflecting upon the time in which we live through creative means. Thought-provoking, aesthetically pleasing and intellectually challenging works of art appeal to the eye and mind, making us aware of the diversity of human life.

K-State offers a variety of degree options through the Art Department, these include:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts with concentration in Graphic Design
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts with concentration in Studio Art
    • Fine Arts focus areas in Ceramics, Drawing, Metalsmithing & Jewelry, Painting, Photography, or Printmaking
  • Bachelor of Arts (Art History)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Studio Art)


K-State now offers three options for art minors. Please note that many art courses have technology requirements - please view the technology requirements here. 

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If you have any questions or need help, please contact the Art Advisor.

Curriculum Areas: Bachelor of Fine Arts

Students in the B.F.A. program complete a rigorous and arts-centered curriculum. The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is a professionally oriented degree designed primarily for those planning to become professional artists, art teachers or designers. Greater discipline is placed on actual practice in the creative arts. Students complete foundations core curriculum before going through a spring Portfolio Review, required for admittance into their Area of Focus.

Curriculum Areas: Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Art degree allows for a less specialized, broader development in the arts. It is a degree used by students who wish to major in Art, as well as, another degree plan outside of Arts. The B.A. degree explores the humanities, sciences, languages and social sciences expansively. Students pursuing a general B.A. Art degree may specialize in art history or studio arts. Students in the B.A. program complete the same foundations course work as the B.F.A. students however, B.A. students do not need to complete a portfolio review before beginning their areas of focus. 

B.F.A. Foundation Requirement (First year in Program)

All students wishing to earn a B.F.A. degree in the Department of Art complete the one-year Foundation program which includes courses in Design, Drawing, Technology and the required one credit hour course, Art Careers Seminar.

The spring that Foundation requirements are completed, B.F.A. students submit a portfolio for review in the area they wish to continue on in. 

Required Foundation Studio Courses:
  • ART 105: Art Seminar
  • ART 180: 2D Design
  • ART 190: Drawing I
  • ART 200: 3D Design
  • ART 330: Digital Tech