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Department of Art

Department of Art Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunities

A number of scholarship opportunities are available for current Art Department majors, incoming freshmen, and transfer students. All Art Department undergraduate majors are eligible to compete for funding. Current art majors who are enrolled in less than full-time will be considered for support in awards not limited to full-time status. Award categories include general Department of Art student awards, scholarships for students producing outstanding work in a specific concentration, and materials awards.

Scholarship for Incoming Freshman and Transfer Students

Scholarship for Current Undergraduate Students


Additional Funding Resources:

University-Wide Scholarships

Nontraditional Scholarships

Veteran Scholarships 

Developing Scholars Program

College of Arts & Sciences and Diversity Scholarships

K-State OURCI Travel and Research Grants


Graduate Scholarship Opportunities

Timothy R. Donoghue Scholarships

Outstanding graduate applicants of the United States (International students and Kansas State University students are NOT eligible) may be nominated for a Timothy R. Donoghue Scholarship. The department will select candidates and forward them to the Graduate School for consideration.


Graduate School Additional Funding Opportunities:

Graduate Fellowships & Scholarships at K-State

External Fellowships & Scholarships


Department of Art - Art Scholarships

The Department of Art scholarships committee awarded and distributed over $20,000 in scholarships for the 2017-18 academic year. Scholarships included:

  • Angelo C. Garzio Scholarship for Studio Pottery
  • Charles William Hugo Scholarship
  • Charlotte Scott Art History Scholarship
  • Department of Art Scholarship Fund
  • Florence H. Walker Art Scholarship
  • Jason Skyler Harper Memorial Scholarship
  • Jim Hagan Memorial Art Fund for Art Majors
  • John W. O'Shea Art Scholarship
  • Mark A. Chapman and Cheryl Mellenthin Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Mary Lucille Dunn Art Scholarship
  • McNall Art / Music Scholarship
  • Metalsmithing and Jewelry Art Award
  • Oscar V. Larmer Art Scholarship
  • Pat and Jim Hagan Art Scholarship
  • Strecker-Nelson Gallery, Graduating Graduate Student Ceramics Award
  • Varney's Material Awards
  • Weary Art Scholarship in Honor of Bob Clore
  • Weary Art Scholarship in Honor of Dale Jellison Weary
  • Weary Art Scholarship in Honor of Dale Weary Clore
  • Weary Summer & Foreign Study Scholarship
  • Yoshiro and Ester Ikeda Art Scholarship