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Department of Art


The Department of Art includes a number of concentrations that require the use of the computer. The department, in order to help prepare students for their professional activities requires that students who have been admitted to these concentrations provide or have access to a computer and software to enhance their course of study. The Department of Art will provide information related to hardware and software options.


Required Hardware & Software

A subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite of software is a requirement for the majority of the Department of Art courses, including Foundation courses, Ceramics, DX Media, Graphic Design, and Photography as well as a number of other art electives. One subscription per year is all that is needed to cover this requirement for all courses taken during that year.

  • Student pricing is available via the Adobe Website.
    • Plan Name: Creative Cloud All Apps


  • Adobe Creative Suite Software Subscription

Photography Area:

  • Mac (preferred) or PC Laptop
    • Screen Size: 15 inch and above
    • At least Quad Core 2.7 GHz + 8 GB RAM
    • At least 256 GB memory
    • At least 1 portable hard drive: 500gb to 1 TB for backup and file storage
    • Adobe CreativeCloud Suite (Use "Student and Teachers" Pricing)
  • DSLR (ideally Nikon or Canon) with at least 1 lens: at least 16 megapixel or above, with RAW file and HD video capability
    • Durable tripod (aluminum or carbon fiber)

Graphic Design Area:

  • Mac laptop, minimum 15 inch screen (industry standard is Mac)
    • Laptop Specifications: Latest or within previous 18 months
    • Cloud-based backup service and/or backup drive
    • Adobe CreativeCloud Suite, all applications (Use "Student and Teachers" Pricing)
      • Including TypeKit

Digital Experimental Media Area:

  • Mac or PC Laptop
    • Processor: Minimum 2.6 GHz i5
    • Ram: Minimum 16GB ram

Laptop Maintenance

Technical support for all computer questions is available at Kansas State University's Information Technology Assistance Center (ITAC). There are numerous local retail outlets and private technical support services that can assist students as well.

Students will be responsible for resolving their own laptop technical issues. Therefore, an extended warranty or service agreement is recommended. Project deadlines will not be extended due to faulty equipment, slow processing, or other computer failures.

K-State Network Prerequisites, Policies, and Antivirus Software

To use the campus wireless or wired network, security programs must be installed and procedures followed.

Students are required to protect their laptops by installing antivirus software. The software is required for all computers that access the K-State network. Please review the Information Technology policy, the wireless policy and the Information Security policy and install the necessary software before you try to use the campus network. The software is available for free to K-State students on the Information Technology Service website.

If it is found that your machine is not in compliance, you may be notified and asked to make sure it is secure. If it is found vulnerable to known security problems or viruses, it may be blocked from using the campus network. If you need assistance, contact Support and they will help you.

  1. Change your computer name to your eID to identify it.
  2. Setup the wireless settings according to K-State's wireless instructions. Wired connections are automatically set up with an IP address.
  3. Set Windows to automatically download and install updates; set to check daily.

If you have any questions about this policy, contact ITAC.