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Department of Art

Student Organizations

Below are just a select few clubs and organizations within Kansas State University, for other opportunity log in to OrgSync. There is a Club for Everyone!

An organization that accepts all who enjoy anime, manga, and the Japanese culture. Meet and make friends, relax, and watch some anime with a group. check us out on Facebook or contact for more information at kstateams@gmail.com.

The KSU Photo Club acts as a forum for students to engage in photography outside the classroom. It aims furthermore to increase awareness of photography beyond populist or commercial applications for students on campus. Activities include but are not limited to group discussions, travel to Museums or conferences, hosting events, and fundraising. To learn more, check out the KSU Photo Club's Instagram and Facebook page or email our faculty coordinator, Rebecca Hackeman-Bahlmann, at rebecca212@ksu.edu!

Illustration club is dedicated to people who are interested in illustration and/or a career in illustration. The focus of the group would not only be to grow as an artist but learn about careers in illustration. We will create and discuss artwork that explores and conveys stories and concepts. Some activities include weekly prompts that will challenge members to grow in their skill, creativity, and imaginations. The club will also be a place where members can get feedback on their artwork. We will also offer opportunities for members to have their work exposed or recognized in the community. Illustration club will be a place for people to relax and work on personal illustrations and make friends! Art and non-art majors welcome, no prior skills or experience required. Hope you come draw with us! Visit us on Twitter! Please contact for information: illustksu@gmail.com.

Pussycat Press is a student governed art club held in the realm of printmaking, but not hesitant to welcome all art students who are willing to grow as an artist. Our main focus is to learn more about what being a professional artist means in the real world. We achieve this through holding regular meetings, fundraisers, and off-campus student exhibitions all while having fun and working hard. For more information, please email our faculty coordinator at jscuilla@ksu.edu.

The Painting and Drawing Collaboration group is a group of student painters and drawers formed to create unity and networks between artists, create and exhibit works, and just have fun. Activities include particpating in drawing and painting workshops, museum visits, and movie nights. Check us out on Facebook!

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