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Current Students FAQs



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If you are not able to find the answer to a specific issue or question using this FAQ page, e-mail the Art Advisor.

sculpture student

When can I enroll for the next semester?

Students can find the exact date/time their enrollment opens up in their kSIS Student Center on the right hand side in a blue box titled Enrollment Dates.

How do I set up an advising appointment with the Art Advising?
  • Current Department of Art Students: Schedule an appointment here: SSC Campus.

  • Interested in becoming an Art Major/Minor: Contact the Art Advisor.

How do I add or drop a course?

Course changes can be completed via KSIS.

I have an advisor flag/hold! What does that mean?

This hold is place prior to the new semesters enrollment time. You must meet with your Advisor every semester to go over your progress before enrollment is allowed for the next semester. The Art Advisor will send out an e-mail each semester with a link to the Advising calendar for appointment scheduling. It is important that you check your K-State email frequently for updates! Your advisor will lift the hold once the appointment has been completed. Schedule an appointment with the Art Advisor HERE

(*Other HOLDs preventing enrollment: Select "Hold Details" on your KSIS Student Center and contact the associated office.)


How do I know what classes to take next semester? What should I do before my advising appointment?
  • Review the curriculum guidelines and run a Degree Audit Report (DARS) in your KSIS Student Center to see what requirements are left to meet.
  • Look at the course schedule for next semester and explore classes that meet your remaining requirements.
    • Typically, the schedule posts last week of September (Spring Semester) & the last week of February (Fall Semester).
  • Look at the course catalog if you need course descriptions or course prerequisite informaiton. 
Other Helpful Resources:

Student Advising Responsibilities: What you need to know...

K-State Advising Road Map: Get Prepared!

When is the Portfolio Review?

This is where a student applies to either Graphic Design or Studio Art (tracks are also explored here). This process happens in the spring after completing the Core Foundation Courses; typically this is your 2th semester (spring of freshmen year) in the program.

How do I sign up for Portfolio Review?

During Enrollment for Spring, Enroll in ART 298: Portfolio Review via your KSIS Student Center. Ask your advisor if you have questions about the Portfolio Review process!

I'm a Senior! What do I need to do before I graduate?
  1. Double-check your DARS report to make sure you've completed (or are registered to complete) all of the required courses and credit hours for your major
  2. Ask for a Grad Check via the Arts and Sciences Dean's Office to make sure you're on track. 107 Calvin Hall / 785-532-6900
  3. Apply for Graduation via KSIS. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to apply.
  4. What if I’m late? Don't be late - if you're graduating this semester, apply for graduation and contact your advisor now!


Attention Students:
Important notices are sent to your K-State e-mail account from your Advisor!

Either check your K-State e-mail frequently or have it forwarded to Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail or another e-mail account. 

Incoming Freshmen/First Year Transfers

A subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite of software is a requirement for the majority of the Department of Art courses, including Foundation courses, Ceramics, DX Media, Graphic Design, and Photography as well as a number of other art electives. One subscription per year is all that is needed to cover this requirement for all courses taken during that year.

  • Student pricing is available via the Adobe Website.
    • Plan Name: Creative Cloud All Apps