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Department of Art

Transfer Students

  • Studio Art transfer courses that do not appear on the automatic transfer equivalency website need to be assessed by the Department of Art faculty to determine whether or not they can be substituted for one of the required courses in the major.
    • Items needed for this review include a C or higher grade in the course, a syllabus, and visual examples of all the projects completed. The Area Coordinator for the course that you want to be waived, will review your materials to determine whether or not the work you completed corresponds to our K-State courses in the Department of Art.
    • Students who do not have all the materials requested may not be given equivalent credit for major area coursework.
  • Art History courses may be evaluated simply by submitting the syllabus to the Art Advisor who will pass it on to be reviewed by the Art History faculty.
  • K-State Architecture Students who wish to transfer to the BFA program will have their Core courses evaluated by the Area Coordinator in charge of the Concentration they wish to join.

Students requesting transfer credit for art should contact the Undergraduate Advisor who will direct them to the correct Area Coordinator. The Advisor will provide the student with the required format for submitting their materials to each Area.