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Department of Art

2D/3D Digital Print Lab

Department of Art has a newly established 2D/3D Digital Print Lab where students can output using a variety of devices and materials. The lab is located on Willard Hall's first floor in room 120.

The Labs consists of iMac workstations with Adobe CC software, high-quality ink jet printing for photo and printmaking applications, large format printing for photo and poster printing, laser cutter/engraver's, CNC Router, 3D printing (Form 2 SLA, MakerBot FDM, Type A Machines) and vinyl cutting availability.

  • Printing Capability: 8.5" x 11 - 44" roll printing.
  • Laser cutter and engraver, and CNC router require training prior to use and only accept certain approved materials. (All printing on these machines must be scheduled through our Lab Manger, Owen Oertling, at oertling@ksu.edu.)
  • 3D printing – submit files to Lab Manager one week prior to the pickup date.

Price Guide

Photo Inkjet Printing:
Epson SureColor P800 printersBring your own PAPER8.5x11"$1.30
 Bring your own PAPER11x17"$2.70
 Bring your own PAPER17x22"$5.20
 Dass Transfer8.5X11"$2.25
 Pictorico Film11x17"$3.65
 Pictorico Film17x22"$6.15


Large Format Printing:
Epson SureColor P800044" wide Enhanced Matte/LusterPer Square Foot$3.80
Epson SureColor P600024" wide Enhanced Matte/LusterPer Square Foot$3.80
Epson Stylus Pro 980044" wide Bring your own PAPERPer Square Foot$2.00
Epson SureColor T372024" widePer Square Foot$2.30


3D Printing:

Advisory: $2.00 Usage Fee to Print Any One File.

FDM Printing Per Gram$0.10
Form 2 SLA Printing   
 resin types:CastablePer Milliliter$0.30
 ToughPer Milliliter$0.18
 Gray/Black/WhitePer Milliliter$0.15
 ClearPer Milliliter$0.15
 FlexiblePer Milliliter$0.20


Other Services:
Laser Cutter/Engraver Cost of materials + Usage Fee per hour$5.00
CNC Router Cost of materials + Usage Fee per hour$5.00


Payment Options

The lab uses the campuses online charging system, known as CatCash. Students, staff and faculty can add funds to their Student or Campus ID's through the Union ID center or KSU Connect. (*Note: These are not the same funds allotted for University printing.) The lab cannot process refunds on any job, but will reprint at no cost errors due to equipment failure.

No Refunds.

Lab Manager Contact Information:

Owen Oertling, oertling@ksu.edu

Available in Lab Monday-Thursday 10AM-3PM

Lab Hours

Monday - Thursday: 10AM-8PM

Friday: 2-6PM

Saturday: CLOSED

Sunday: 3-8PM