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Department of Art

Documentation Lab

The Department of Art Documentation Lab is a space for Art student to photograph and document their work for class, portfolio, and exhibition entry. This space has a wide entryway for large works and is located on the first floor of Willard. Supplied in the space are several background and lighting options, tripods, a large sheet table, as well as cameras available for checkout in the Art Office.

*Before admittance is allowed into the Documentation Lab, a review of the Use & Responsibility Policy needs to be completed. This only needs to be complete once every semester.

Schedule the Documentation Lab (Max: 2 Hour Limit):

Camera Check Out Process
  1. Complete the Camera Use & Responsibility Policy. (*This only needs to be complete once every semester.)
  2. Pick up camera from Willard 111 (Art Office). (First Come, First Serve)
    1. Be prepared with a form of collateral (Student ID and University keys are not accepted forms of collateral).
    2. Cameras are REQUIRED to be returned by close of the day it was checked out.