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Department of Art

Jenn Hudson


Photo of Instructor

Jenn Hudson, Instructor

Email: Jenniferhudson@ksu.edu

Office: Willard 039

BSE, cl, 2008, Emporia State Univeristy

MFA, 2020, Kansas State University


Jenn completed her MFA in Painting at Kansas State University in 2020. During her MFA reasearch, Jenn participated in projects such as Her Flag, a NYFA funded collaboration featuring a female artist from each of the 36 states that ratified the 19th ammendment. Her work on gender roles and identity creation has been shown at both national and international galleries. 

In her role as instructor, Jenn has taught Drawing I, Drawing II, Figure Drawing I, Figure Drawing II, 2D Design, Water Media, and Art Careers Seminar.