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Department of Art

Molly Bernstein

Academic Advisor
Email: mollyfb@ksu.edu


Born in Colorado and raised on the shores of Buzzards Bay. Molly Bernstein studied at Rhode Island School of Design, graduating with a BFA and the Florence Leif Award in Painting. She is a recent MFA graduate of Kansas State University. Currently she serves as the Academic Advisor for Kansas State University.
Artist Statement: 

Bernstein’s work merges the practices of drawing, painting and sculpture, engaging two and three-dimensional space with a painter’s eye. She orchestrates fragments of everyday life, discarded and raw materials and objects, into temporary site-specific environments of minute and subtle discoveries.  Her work celebrates the humble, the small, and the overlooked. 

Molly Bernstein On a Clear Day Viewers

 Molly Bernstein On a Clear Day:  Viewers

 Her site-specific works orchestrate space and place from wall to floor to open air, creating an invitation for exploration. 


Molly Bernstein Water Jars On a Clear Day

 Molly Bernstein On a Clear Day:  Water Jars

The collection of scraps and insignificant leftovers are the gems and important players in my work rather than any other grand ideas or flashy materials. 
The act of collecting and making is a meditative experience – like beach combing to single out one shell from the sheer mass of a beach covered in nothing but shells.
Molly Bernstein Beach Museum Installation

Molly Bernstein Installation Beach Museum of Art: from Making: Progress

This work engages the space in and between 2 and 3 dimensions.