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Department of Art

Rebecca Spruill


Originally From North Carolina, Rebecca Spruill is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. There she pursued a double major in Sociology and Fine Art and participated in several federally funded research grants that integrated these two academic fields, primarily utilizing secondary data analysis to develop a better understanding of research topics ranging from themes and fetishes of death in non-Western traditions to common experiences of cancer survivors. her current research interests include applying the general theoretical frameworks of symbolic interactionism, queer theory, and conflict theory to feminist subcultures in online social platforms. She produces art as a visual interpretation of her research.

Artist Statement

Since her undergraduate program, Becci Spruill has dedicated her time to the integration of sociology and visual arts. Producing three projects in her undergraduate career that integrated secondary data analysis and printmaking, she looks forward to dedicating the next three years to the ethnographic pursuit of Internet subcultures. She will be focusing on the primarily female and LGBTQIA communities of pastel goth and soft grunge, studying not only what constitutes these groups but also how they communicate and grow over a period of several years. During this time, she intends to produce artwork that is influenced by and elevates the dialogues present within these communities. Her influences will rely heavily on a study of the language, aesthetics and the seeming anonymity of production in these groups on the social platform of Tumblr. Her attempts to elevate these dialogues will be related to her selection of lithography and ceramics as her principle means of production. The desire to infiltrate both the online communities and art galleries are her primary pursuit.