Ceramic Artist In Residence Program

Artist in Residence

The Artist in Residence position is an integral part of the ceramics program at K-State. Annually or semiannually, it hosts an emerging artist working in new, exciting or thoughtful facets of the ceramic field.

Through artistic research, undergraduate instruction and mentorship, they contribute to a contemporary discourse on the intersections of ceramic art, craft, and design further enriching the learning environment. Successful candidates are committed to an active studio practice and collaborative communal engagement. Candidates with broad and thorough knowledge of ceramics processes, with experience in studio management and innovative pedagogy, will be given additional consideration. In exchange for teaching two classes a semester and ten hours of departmental contribution a week, Artists in Residence are compensated with a private studio space, all firings and in stock studio materials, a solo exhibition of their research and a salary commensurate with experience and education.

Program Assets

The K-State Art Department provides access to 2D and 3D print labs with large format photo printers and scanners, full-color and sepia tone ceramic decal printers, laser cutter, vinyl cutter and rapid form fabrication that includes multiple FDM (Fused deposition Modeling) and SLA (Stereo Lithography) printers. The print lab also houses a large 4'x 8' foot CNC router and 3D digital scanner. In addition, the art department provides access to a large dedicated photo room for documentation and studio photography with professional equipment. Students interested in construction methods with wood have access to the well-equipped departmental wood shop.

Kyle Johns Kyle Johns, Ceramics Artist in Residence, 2020-2021


The ceramics department has extensive electric, gas and atmospheric kilns on-site in addition to a satellite 2000 sq. ft. covered, open-air kiln facility. The clay and glaze lab boast over 17 tons of material storage. The brand-new Digital Clay Lab houses cutting edge technology in 3D clay printing from DIY paste printers to the industry-leading purpose-built Sacra 3D clay printing robot. For large sculpture or vessel work, specialty pallets and lift systems are available to move work fluidly from creative space to kiln and back again. The Plaster Lab is over 400 square feet with custom-designed glass-topped tables for mold making and prototyping. Slip casting takes place in a separate Casting Lab with three casting tables and an extensive mold library. The Ikeda Gallery, a 300 sq. ft. white space gallery is available for reservation and can be used for installations, reviews, critiques, or to document work.

Electric kilns

1 – 18.5 cu.ft. Skutt 1627
1 – 10 cu. ft. Skutt 1227
7 – 7 cu. ft. Skutt 1027
3 – 2.5 cu. ft. Skutt 818
2– .8 cu. ft. Skutt 614
2 – .6 cu. ft. Skutt 609 1 cu ft. test


Gas and Atmospheric Kilns

40 cu. ft. Down Draft Car
16 cu. ft. Down Draft
16 cu. ft. Up Draft
14 cu. ft. Cross Draft Soda
4 cu. ft. Experimental kiln
40 cu. ft. Wood Fired Train

Clay and Glaze Lab

250 lb. batch capacity Peter Puger mixer
Peter Puger mixer extrusion kit with hollow dies
300 lb. batch capacity Soldner mixer
150 lb. batch capacity Soldner mixer
Sand blasting cabinet
Industrial Glaze Blunger
Laguna Spray booth
Fixed and Mobile Compressor


Material Processing

Jaw Crusher
Plate Mill
Ball Mill
Wiley Mill


Plaster and Casting Labs

2 Imported Vertical Plaster Lathes
A de-airing plaster vacuum chamber
Shimpo jigger arm
72 cu. ft. Bailey Heated Drying Cabinet
2-33 gal. Slip Tanks with Blungers
20 gal. Slip Tank with Blunger
20 gal. Slip pump
100's of commercial and industrial molds


General Studio Equipment

18 Shimpo VL Electric Wheels
2 Extruders with hollow extrusion kits
Brent SR-20 Slab Roller
Foam Cutter
10" Wet Tile Saw with 36" cut capacity


Digital Clay Lab

3D Potter XLS Sacra Robot
3D Potter 7 Pro
Hand Extruder Tube Loader for 2000ml & 3600ml
Tube Loader for Pugmill
Delta 3D Clay Paste Printer
Full Color Decal Printer
CerPrint 3500 True Black Decal Printer
MIRC Sepia tone decal printer
Roland GS-24 CAMM 1 Vinyl Cutter
DLSR Camera and Tri-pod
2 Projectors