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Student Opportunities

Send your information, job/position requirements and compensation guidelines to art@ksu.edu. We will post them right here for our students to view.

Currently, a small Photography business is looking for a student who is interested in being a photo editor. They need help getting caught up on editing from this season and looking for someone to continue helping into the next year. The business owner would like to have someone help editing bulk images, color correcting, fixing exposure, knowing how use presets, and minimal skin retouching. Does not need to be an art student. Pay is between $10-15/hr depending on skill level. Must have knowledge and experience in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. If they don't, must be willing to learn. This would require someone to edit 50-80 images per hour as a minimum. If they don't have access to Lightroom/Photoshop there is access to a secondary home office computer for use. Business is located in Manhattan.

Anyone who is interested can email Whitney Box, owner of Whitney Cathleen Photography at whitneycathleenphotography@gmail.com. Please include any online portfolio/images that you have edited before, and what experience you have had with Lightroom/Photoshop.