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Department of Art

News & Announcements

2021 News

Nancy Morrow’s work was included in New American Paintings: 2020 Featured Artists/Recent Work.

Published and distributed by The Open Studios Press, Boston.

Jacob Brooks, K-State Alumni, Solo Exhibition in Milan

Congratulations to Jacob Brooks, 2016 K-State BFA student in Painting, (MFA, New York Academy of Art, 2019) for his solo exhibition at A-More Gallery in Milan! Jacob’s show opened on January 13 and will run through March 3.

2020 News

What Happened...?

July 2020

Art Alumni accepted into most prestigious printmaking competition in US. 

Mary Gordon, a K-State Printmaking Alumni, was accepted into IPCNY exhibition and awarded an artist development residency. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at K-State and recently her Master of Fine Arts at the University of Georgia. The following link has more information about the IPCNY and her work: https://www.ipcnyexhibitions.org/givemespace

June 2020

Art Department Instructor, Owen Oertling, Sculpture displayed in Manhattan Public Art Platform

Owen Oertling, Instructor and Print Lab Coordinator for the Art Department, was accepted into Manhattan, Kansas's Parks and Recreation's juried Outdoor Public Sculpture Exhibition.  

'A Guilder Working the Gears' in cast bronze is currently displayed on 3rd Street, mid-block between Poyntz and Houston, in downtown Manhattan for the next year.


From the artist:

"The Guilders are small scale figures that each have a job. This job, or action, helps to create a narrative with their surroundings. The location of
the installation adds to the narrative. Whether it be a gallery, a pedestrian walk-through, a public area, time period, or a conversation with the political, social, or ethical climate.

My interest in labor comes from my employment as an artist, technician, handyman, fabricator, and educator. As a working artist, I’ve been employed in the toy industry, which has influenced my approach to making and scale."


May 2020

The Art Department supports Healthcare workers by joining in the Production of 3D Printed PPE Face Shields

The Art Department is collaborating with the K-State Architecture Club in their efforts to produce PPE face shields for local healthcare workers using 3D printing technology. Our technicians, having honed their skills, are designing and working together, pushing the bounds of this technology and our resources to contribute to the combat of COVID-19.

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Owen Oertling, an Art Department instructor, has created a version of the face shield that utilize our department's resources to their fullest. At the moment, we are able to produce nine shields a day, and it is our hope to increase that production by double in the near future. The first batch of face shields will be distributed this week to the appropriate healthcare facilities.


It is the Art Department's hope that we can help our community, and do our part in these uncertain times. We are excited that this help has come in such an innovated and collaborative way. It is our thoughts that we are in this together as humans, as a community and as Wildcats, and we are thankful that we have been able to contribute. Go Cats!


Professor of Art History, Dr. Douglas Dow, receives Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award

Douglas Dow, associate professor of Art History and a specialist in Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art, is the College of Arts and Sciences' recipient of Kansas State University's Commerce Bank and W.T. Kemper Foundation Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award. This is the University's most prestigious undergraduate teaching award. Dr. Dow's achievement in the classroom was previously recognized by the College of Arts and Sciences in 2011 with a William L. Stamey Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. Among other recent accomplishments, Dr. Dow's interest in the intersection of digital technologies, popular culture, and the history of Renaissance art led to an article on the presence of anachronistic architectural monuments in the video game "Assassin's Creed II" (in Playing with the Past: Digital Games and the Simulation of History). As part of the Commerce Bank and W.T. Kemper Foundation Undergraduate Outstanding Teaching Award, Dr. Dow will receive a $2,500 honorarium.


K-State Professor of Art, Geraldine Craig, interviewed about Transmitters installation in the Mountain-Great Plains Biennial
Geraldine Craig, Manhattan KS, has an installation piece entitled “Transmitters” in the 2020 Biennial exhibition. Craig worked with umbrella artists Saipin Sakkawan and Kannika Buacheen while on a residency in northern Thailand in 2018-19 to create skeleton forms like arcane satellite dish technology. Viewers are invited to stand under the umbrella skeletons and talk with the dead, then write it on white cloth strips and invite friends to tie it on their wrist with a blessing, referring to the Lao bacci ceremony that offers a welcome to visitors or used at weddings to offer blessings to the new couple. The elaborate thread-weaving suggests looking up into the sky with the colors of sunrise/sunset on two layers of the skeletal forms, enriched within the connectivity and network of ancestors. The CnC carved plywood base includes text the artist wrote about the experience of hearing the dead in images. It also isolates the space of the floor or ground with the perimeter of the umbrella skeleton from above, so the viewer feels held within an imaginary circle or force field.


View Video HERE.


 The 2020-21 Scholarships Winners Announced!!

The determination of scholarship winners is a relatively lengthy and arduous process involving the submission of artwork and its evaluation by our Scholarship Committee and the Art faculty. In honoring our students in their creative accomplishments, we need to remember the generosity of our donors and their support of our students and this department. 

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that the Department of Art announces this year's winners:

  • Margaret Brekke, Sophomore - Jim Hagan Memorial Art Fund for Art Majors
  • Jessica Buckman, Senior - Mark A. Chapman & Cheryl Mellenthin Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Jade Christian, Junior - Pat & Jim Hagan Art Scholarship
  • Alexis Coffel, Sophomore - Weary Family Art Scholarship
  • Lindsay Ebach, Sophomore - Jim Hagan Memorial Art Fund for Art Majors
  • Lindsay Ebach, Sophomore - The John W. O'Shea Art Scholarship
  • Clare Fallon, Junior - Mark A. Chapman & Cheryl Mellenthin Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Marion Farnet, Sophomore - Pat & Jim Hagan Art Scholarship
  • Maggie Hammes, Junior - Pat & Jim Hagan Art Scholarship
  • Ashley Heideman, Freshman - Jim Hagan Memorial Art Fund for Art Majors
  • Cora Hitt, Incoming Freshmen - Pat & Jim Hagan Art Scholarship
  • Abigail Hodges, Incoming Freshmen - Pat & Jim Hagan Art Scholarship
  • Haley Joel, Senior - Pat & Jim Hagan Art Scholarship
  • Neely Joyce, Sophomore - Weary Family Art Scholarship
  • Shea Kister, 1st Year Graduate Student - Angelo C. Garzio Scholarship for Studio Pottery
  • Kailey Koopman, Senior - Mark A. Chapman & Cheryl Mellenthin Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Katie Laddish, Sophomore - Jason Skyler Harper Memorial 
  • Halle Lang, Sophomore - Mary Lucille Dunn Art Scholarship
  • Branden Lawless, Junior - Weary Family Art Scholarship
  • Donavon Master, Junior - Art Scholarships
  • Donavon Master, Junior - The Florence H. Walker Art Scholarship
  • Christian Merino, Sophomore - Jim Hagan Memorial Art Fund for Art Majors
  • Sarah Onken, Senior - Weary Family Art Scholarship
  • Zachary Parr, Freshman - Jim Hagan Memorial Art Fund for Art Majors
  • Natalie Phrakonekham, Senior - Mark A. Chapman & Cheryl Mellenthin Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Desiree Powell, Junior - Art Scholarships
  • Desiree Powell, Junior - Metalsmithing and Jewelry Art Award
  • Kailey Prior, Senior - Mark A. Chapman & Cheryl Mellenthin Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Kelsey Reith, Junior - Pat & Jim Hagan Art Scholarship
  • Kaytlyn Rice, Incoming Freshmen - Pat & Jim Hagan Art Scholarship
  • Erika Schneider, Senior - Jim Hagan Memorial Art Fund for Art Majors
  • Shayna Strahm, Freshman - Pat and Jim Hagan Art Scholarship
  • Thomas Taylor, Sophomore - Charles William Hugo Scholarship
  • Zelie Thompson, Junior - Weary Family Art Scholarship
  • Sarah Troub, Freshman - The Eugenia Fairman McNall Award Fund
  • Sarah Troub, Freshman - Oscar V. Larmer Art Scholarship
  • Sydney Tucker, Junior - Art Scholarship
  • Katelyn Vieyra, Incoming Freshmen - Pat & Jim Hagan Art Scholarship
  • Cameron Wasinger, Senior - Weary Family Art Scholarship
  • Logan Whetzal, Junior - Pat & Jim Hagan Art Scholarship
  • Logan Webb, Incoming Freshmen - Pat & Jim Hagan Art Scholarship


Professor of Art, Teresa Tempero Schmidt, is retiring this Spring!


Professor Teresa Tempero Schmidt is retiring from Kansas State University after serving the Department of Art in the College of Arts and Sciences for 48 years.

Terri has dedicated her career to the education of professional artists and to her own sustained, and distinguished studio practice in drawing and printmaking. Professor Schmidt has served on numerous graduate student and departmental committees and was the Coordinator of Drawing for the department from 2002-2017.

Teresa Schmidt has played a significant role in shaping the Department of Art's programs and we sincerely thank her for her commitment to our students and the profession.

Teresa Tempero Schmidt is recognized for 48 years of dedicated teaching, creative research, and service to the Department of Art. Terri earned both Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees from Central Washington State College in 1969 and 1970 respectively and was awarded a Master of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking and Drawing in 1972 from Washington State University. Joining the Department of Art at K-State immediately following graduate school, she was promoted to Professor in 2003.


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Professor Schmidt led the department's Drawing Area as its coordinator from 2002-2017 and served on numerous graduate student and departmental committees. She taught a study abroad course in Scotland in 1998, and the year before participated in a teaching exchange at The Norwich School of Art & Design in England, an experience that had a metamorphic effect on both her teaching and creative work.


Rooted in Expressionism, Terri's drawings and prints celebrate the spontaneity of gesture, investigating nature as an intimate, temporal experience. Her work has been featured in 17 solo or large venue exhibitions and distinguished with inclusion in more than 70 national group shows. In addition, her work has been collected by numerous museums and universities throughout the United States and England, and reproductions of her work have appeared in several publications.


Professor Teresa Tempero Schmidt has influenced two entire generations of artists. We sincerely thank her for her extraordinary contribution to the Department of Art.


February 2020

Former Painting Student selected for inclusion in the exhibition "30 Under 30" at Viridian Gallery in NYC.


Lauren Sanders, BFA in Painting (Fall 2017), and current MFA candidate at LSU, had her painting selected for inclusion in the exhibition, "30 Under 30" at Viridian Gallery in NYC, February 18-March 7. The show includes work done by 30 artists nationally who are under the age of 30. This year the exhibition was juried by Kelly Kivland, Curator at Dia Art Foundation in NYC. Congratulations to Lauren!

Department of Art Graduate Students Participated in a Group Exhibition at Northwest Missouri University

The MFA students participated in a group show at Northwest Missouri University showcasing recent works. Jennifer Hudson, Shea Kister, and Hailey Quick represented the group at the closing artist talk on Monday, February 3rd. The exhibition was January 14 - February 3, 2020 at the Olive DeLuce Art Gallery.

Artist involved in this show included MFA 3rd years Jennifer Hudson and Dee Roof, 2nd years Katharina Bossmann, Lathan Mastellar, and Hailey Quick, and 3rd years Sepideh Badakhshanian, Michael Burke, Shea Kister, and Elena Masrour.


Hailey Quick (Left), Shea Kister (Middle), and Jennifer Hudson (Right)
More Images...





January 2020

Grasslands: Building the Prairie through Drawing

Exhibit by Biology Students from JC Harmon High School's Architecture, Construction & Engineering Academy

Exhibit Open to the Public

Friday, January 17, 2020 | 5pm-7pm

Kansas City Design Center

1018 Baltimore Ave. KCMO 64105
to learn more, contact kkp@k-state.edu


Freshmen students of JC Harmon High School in the Argentine neighborhood of Kansas City "built a prairie" together by learning about grassland ecosystems and drawing. This collaborative exhibit documents a day of learning for approximately 100 students. The day included selecting plants from JC Harmon's learning landscape, identifying the plants, observing, drawing, and discovering what ecosystem services the plants provide in a grassland. The student workshops are part of a project called Grassland Interview, which aims to bring awareness to the significance of grasslands world wide.

Katie Kingery-Page and Erin Wiersma (faculty from K-State), David Bennett (faculty at JC Harmon High), and Catherine Bylinowski (University of Missouri Extension), led the student workshops.

The project team thanks :
JC Harmon ACE Academy
K-State Center for Engagement & Community Development
Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission and National Endowment for the Arts
K-State College of Architecture, Planning & Design
K-State College of Arts & Sciences
University of Missouri Research & Extension

2019 News

What Happened...?

December 2019

What Happened...?
Rachel Hermes, a Printmaking and Painting student, was featured in the K-State Collegian for her work, research and growth in Printmaking

When she first came to Kansas State, Rachel Hermes, senior in fine arts and assistant director and exhibitions coordinator of Prairie Fire Printmakers, said she had no idea what printmaking was. She decided to take Intro to Printmaking as an elective with a friend.

“We started doing etchings, and it was so confusing,” Hermes said. “When I was creating the etching, I didn’t even know what I was doing. It didn’t make sense to me. I just followed what I was told to do, but when we first pulled a print, and inked up the plate, I was like, ‘Whoa, this is awesome.'”

Continue reading...


November 2019

What Happened...?
Drawing Professor, Erin Wiersma, works with others on her work on the prairie.

Professor's, Erin Wiersma and Katie Kingery-Page are super excited to share their first video/audio collaboration from Grassland Interview is now hosted by humansandnature.org.

Grassland Interview is a project bringing Professor Wiersma's drawings into a context of grassland ecological knowledge. Grassland Interview (voices) Professor Kingery-Page's audio contribution to the project--ongoing interviews with grassland ecologists and land managers. They exhibited five interviews with a collection of Professor Wiersma's drawings this fall at the Salina Art Center. The essay on her work by writer Colin Edgington is a major public recognition of her work.


Printmaking Professor, Jason Scuilla, has been ask to panel a discussion about new processes in etching. 

This month, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC is hosting a major exhibition titled "The Rennaissance of Etching." This exhibition traces the invention and early development of the art of etching. To coincide with this exhibition, Professor Jason Scuilla has been invited by the curators of the MET to be 1 of 3 contemporary master printmakers to participate in a panel discussion on innovations to the field of contemporary etching.

Learn More at www.metmuseum.org

October 2019

What Happened...?

The Volland Store presents: Rural | Urban Invitational Art Exhibit II
Opening Reception | Sunday | October 20, 1-5 pm
Artist Panel at 2 pm. Refreshments. Free admission.
Lunch with the artists, by reservation at 12:30 pm
The Volland Store, 24098 Volland Road, Alma, KS

The Second Annual Invitational Rural | Urban Art Exhibit will feature the work of four "rural" artists and three "urban" artists. "Rural" and "urban" were at first defined by the current address of the artist – but it quickly became clear that the boundaries of rural and urban often cross and blend in interesting ways. Some artists grew up "rural" and became "urban" – other artists' beginnings were "urban" and they later chose to be "rural." The melding of disparate influences reveals itself in their artwork and is an interesting phenomenon to be observed and pondered. It reminds us that we are neither one nor the other but a combination of all we experience wherever that may be.

E x h i b i t i n g A r t i s t s
Geraldine Craig (Manhattan, KS), Holly Wilson (Mustang, OK), Levi Robb (Des Moines, IA), Mary Kay (Lindsborg, KS), Norman Akers (Lawrence, KS), Rena Detrixhe (Russell, KS), and Ryan
RedCorn (Pawhuska, OK).

The Rural | Urban Invitational Art Exhibit and accompanying programs are supported the Volland Store Fund, a 501c3 administered by the Kansas Rural Communities Foundation.

For online lunch reservations, visit thevollandstore.com or call 785-499-3616.

The Volland Store, A Place for Art and Community, 24098 Volland Road, Alma, KS.
Driving directions at thevollandstore.com. Normal hours of operation are Saturdays and Sundays, 12 – 5 pm. Always open by appointment. 785-499-3616

Photo credit: Norman Akers, Interference and a Tiny Spot of Hope, 2019, Courtesy of the artist

September 2019

Rachel Hermes, Printmaking Student, and Jason Scuilla, Professor, Participated in K-State Undergraduate Research Fair Today, Sept. 17

Rachel Hermes, a printmaking and painting student in the Department of Art, showcased her research with the Art Department NEA Project under her mentor and printmaking professor, Jason Scuilla (both are pictured below).



Professor of Art Lectures at the Minneapolis Institute of Art on Contemporary Hmong Aesthetic in Cloth

Early this month, Geraldine Craig, Professor with the K-State Department of Art, lectured at the Minneapolis Institue of Art providing an overview and history of the Hmong textile traditions, including the dramatic shift to narrative story-cloth production in Thai refugee camps after 1975. Craig will highlight the work of two contemporary Hmong artists: Laos-based artist Tcheu Xiong and the late La Yang. Despite diverse childhood experiences, their work similarly reflects the influence of ritual or Amish quilts, contrasting frameworks of tradition and modernity, innovation and empowerment–an aesthetic hybrid.

Please visit us here: https://new.artsmia.org/event/geraldine-craig-a-contemporary-hmong-aesthetic-in-cloth

August 2019

What Happened...?
The Volland Store presents Hungry Heartland an Exhibition by K-State Faculty and Student's
Curator, Assistant Professor Shreepad Joglekar


HUNGRY HEARTLAND is the culmination of the multimedia educational and outreach campaign initiated in Fall 2018 by K-State faculty members in three departments: Shreepad Joglekar, Associate Professor, Art Department; Tom Hallaq, Associate Professor – Digital Media, A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications; and Han Yu, Professor, English Department. Twenty-one of their students participated in the project. The exhibition of their work includes photography and short documentaries that reveal, document and interpret the issues of healthy food accessibility and food insecurity in Kansas.


Website:The Volland Store

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 7 at 2pm at the Volland Store in Alma, KS.


Tracing Watersheds|Konza Prairie
Works on Paper by Erin Wiersma curated with interviews with Grassland Scientists.

September 11-November 10, 2019

Website: www.salinaartcenter.org/coming-soon


Char on Paper, 60"x45", 2019


Open Reception: Friday, Sept. 13, 5-7pm/Gallery Talk at 6pm

Wiersma's artistic practice focuses on the body's capacity to absorb and respond to an environment. The Konza Prairie works on paper are created on location in one of the few remaining protected grasslands in the world. She creates a record of the land, using both bio-char produced from controlled burns and the embossing from the forbs, fauna and rocky terrain as they incise and transforms the paper surface echoing the topography. Pulling, rubbing, dragging, pushing, and lifting -- changed by the elements; wind, temperature, humidity, and landscape itself. She creates with the prairie; it influences her actions into large-scale works, resulting from the varying burn treatments, fire intensities, and vegetative composition from each locale.

featuring Grassland Interview
The exhibition includes interviews with scientists working in tallgrass prairies, collected by landscape architect Katie Kingery-Page who uses ethnographic interview methods to understand place. Grassland Interview, a series of scientists' voices, can be heard in the galleries under sound domes. This on-going audio project gathers ecologists' and land managers' reflections on two critical aspects of the Konza grassland life-cycle: controlled burns and dormancy of grasses and forbs (wildflowers).


Char on Paper, 72"x366", 2017


Jennifer Hudson, an MFA Painting candidate at Kansas State University, has been named one of four recipients of incentive grants from the Manhattan branch of the American Association of University Women.

July 2019

What Happened...?
MFA Printmaking Alumni, Marco Hernandez, was featured in the Washington Post for his solo exhibition in Washington, DC.
Read Article here...

April 2019

What Happened...?
Associate Professor Nancy Morrow was awarded a Gushul Residency in Alberta, Canada, for July 16-31 through competitive review by the University of Lethbridge in Alberta.

Located on the magnificent eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains, Gushul Residency Program supports the creative research of visual artists and writers alike. Gushul Studio offers expansive painting possibilities with large work spaces, northern light, historic setting, and breathtaking views.

Flint Hills Technical College and K-State Printmakers Strike Pact

The Art Department in K-State’s College of Arts and Sciences has reached an agreement with Flint Hills Technical College that will allow students who graduate from the technical school with an associate degree in graphic arts technology to transfer into the art department’s printmaking program.

Manhattan Mercury Article Continued...

FHTC, K-State Agreement Focues on Printmaking

The art department in Kansas State University's College of Arts and Sciences has developed an articulation agreement with Flint Hills Technical College that will allow students who graduate from the technical school with an associate degree in graphic arts technology to seamlessly transfer into the art department's printmaking program.

The Emporia Gazette Article Continued...

BFA Painting Alumni Have Been Busy Since Graduating.

Allison (Olsen) Bowman (BFA— Painting, Fall 2017) was awarded an Arts KC Inspiration Grant in support of her upcoming installation project, "Sacred Spaces," which incorporates painting, mixed media and plant forms.

Abby Schleicher (BFA— Painting, Spring 2016) was accepted into SUNY, Buffalo State University's Graduate Art Conservation Program.

Jessie Burnes (BFA—Painting, Spring 2018) is completing her year of post-baccalaureate study in painting at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She will begin SAIC's MFA Program in Painting in the fall.

Christina Klein (BFA—Painting, 2012) was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to Germany and is currently working on her creative research with extended study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg.

2019 Art Scholarship Award Reception and Presentation.

The Department of Art 2019 Scholarship Reception and Award Presentation is Friday, April 5 from 4:00-6:00pm in the Mark A. Chapman Gallery on the first floor of Willard Hall. We are pleased to announce this year's Art Scholarship winners. Congratulations to the following students:

See more...
Weary Family Art Scholarship
  • Jessica Buckman
  • Jade Christian
  • Clare Fallon
  • Rachel Hermes
  • Shelbie Stuckey
Mark A. Chapman and Cheryl Mellenthin Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Mikayla Bond
  • Magdeline Hammes
  • Kailey Koopman
  • Desiree Powell
  • Kailey Prior
  • Ashley Read
  • Zelie Thompson
Jason Skyler Harper Memorial Scholarship
  • Allison Walker
Charles William Hugo Scholarship
  • Shannon Saville
Florence H. Walker Art Scholarship
  • Brooke Tuma
John W. O'Shea Art Scholarship
  • Kellen Reever
Jim Hagan Memorial Art Scholarship
  • Neely Joyce
Oscar V. Larmer Art Scholarship
  • Rachel Lord
Pat and Jim Hagan Art Scholarship
  • Alexis Abadayan
  • Samantha Reiff
Department of Art Merit Scholarship
  • Julie Alley
  • Samantha Klaker
  • Shayna Strahm
  • Renjie Tang
  • Nahshon Thomas
Mary Lucille Dunn Scholarship
  • Elyssa Gall
  • Ashley Heideman
  • Caroline Reynolds
  • Sarah Troub
Eugenia Fairman McNall Award
  • Melissa Donlon
Metalsmithing & Jewelry Art Award
  • Joseph Dunlap
Commerce Bank Art Award
  • Rachel Hermes
AY2018-19 Timothy R. Donoghue Graduate Scholarship
  • Jennifer Hudson
  • Hailey Quick
  • Dee Roof

The student's works are on display Friday, April 5 from 8am-5pm and during Open House, Saturday, April 6, 9am-3pm . Admission is free and open to the public.

March 2019

What Happened...?
Rachel Lord, a painting student, and Mikayla Bond, a painting and printmaking student, were admitted into the Kansas City Artists Coalition's juried undergraduate student show. 

The show runs from April 12-26 and is juried by the Cerbera Gallery owner Philipp Eirich.

The Cerbera Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located at the heart of Kansas City Crossroads Art District. It features an impressive array of works by both renown and emerging artists in the fields of functional and sculptural ceramics, painting, photography, mixed media, high quality limited edition prints and lithoogrphs and jewelry. Being connected to countless artists across the US and abroad enables Cerbera Gallery to offer a wide variety of thought provoking artwork both online and at its location in the lively Crossroads District.


Congratulations to Graduate Student, Jenn Hudson whose work is featured in a three-person exhibition celebrating the voices of local and regional female artists at The Bunker Center for the Arts in Kansas City.

The show runs March 1-30, 2019.

Lauren Sanders (BFA, 2017), has been accepted into the MFA Program with concentration in Painting, at Louisiana State University.

Lauren will start at LSU in fall 2019, with a teaching assistantship. We wish her many successes in the LSU program. Congrats!

Printmakers attend and present at SGCI Conference 2019 Dallas

Eleven K-State printmaking students, ranging from undergraduate to graduate, and Professor Jason Scuilla attended the SGCI Conference this year in Dallas, TX. They presented their works concerning the NEA research that has been a joint effort between the Department of Art and Chemistry. 


Kansas State University Department of Art Prairie Fire Printmakers at the Southern Graphics International Printmaking conference to present their research and attend printmaking demonstrations.


K-State Printmaking Professor, Jason Scuilla, and Chemistry Professor, Dr. Stefan Bossmann, presenting interdisciplinary NEA Faculty and Student research at the 2019 Southern Graphics International Printmaking Conference in Dallas Texas.


K-State Printmaking Professor, Jason Scuilla, and son, Calvin Scuilla, representing the Department of Art at SGCI 2019 Conference.


Professor Scuilla, Dr. Bossmann, and K-State Dept of art undergrad and grad researchers presenting at

From Shop Rags to Riches
Strategies for securing external funding for interdisciplinary printmaking research
Southern Graphics International Conference, Fairmont Dallas Hotel, Parisian Room,Dallas, Texas, March 9th, 2019 9:00-11:00am


Professor Scuilla, Dr. Bossmann, and K-State Dept of art undergrad and grad researchers presenting at

From Shop Rags to Riches
Strategies for securing external funding for interdisciplinary printmaking research
Southern Graphics International Conference, Fairmont Dallas Hotel, Parisian Room,Dallas, Texas, March 9th, 2019 9:00-11:00am


A number of the Art Department Faculty & Instructors will be presenting at the Art of Democracy Conference on march 21st at the K-State Union.


What to the Prisoner is the 4th of July?
Anthony Warnick, Assistant Professor, Department of Art
Flint Hills room of the Union

To Be Quiet and Permanently Beautiful: Women on Display
Jennifer Hudson, M.F.A. Candidate, Department of Art
Flint Hills room of the Union

PANEL: The Fear of (Public) Art
Rebecca Hackemann-Bahlmann, Assistant Professor, Department of Art
Room 227 of the Union from 12:00-1:00

What Say, Democracy?
Shreepad Joglekar, Associate Professor, Department of Art
Courtyard of the Union


February 2019

What Happened...?
Graduate Student, Katharina Bossmann's work was selected for inclusion in the Printmakers' Open Forum Exchange Portfolio, Sanctuary, curated by artist, author and PMOF Director, Shelley Thorstensen.

Responding to a sense of cross roads, between the labor involved in traditional printmaking, and the onslaught of digital processes in the field, the portfolio is a compilation of twenty-six current, well-established and emerging printmakers' work from 14 states, as well as Canada and Sweden.

The portfolio will tour various venues starting with an exhibition at the Women's Studio Workshop, Rosendale New York this summer, then will be housed in the permanent collections of the Janet Turner Museum in Chico, California; the Kenosha Public Museum in Kenosha, Wisconsin; and the University of Indiana-Evansville.


Blüte (First Bloom), Reduction Woodcut, 44 x 30"




Graduate student, Jenn Hudson was selected to present at K-State's March 21st Engagement Symposium.


Jenn's talk, entitled, "To be quiet and permanently beautiful: women on display," will be part of the 75-minute session: The Art of Democracy, starting at 11:30am in the Flint Hills Room, K-State Union. Work by Jenn will also be exhibited in the Flint Hills Room during the symposium.


Graduate student, Jenn Hudson was selected to represent Kansas in Her Flag, a nationwide art project celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote in the U.S. Envisioned by artist Marilyn Artus, the project received fiscal sponsorship from the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA).

Her Flag will re-envision the American flag with 36 stripes, symbolizing the 36 states that ratified the amendment in 1920. The collaborative work will be 18 x 26 feet when assembled and will finish on August 18, 2020 -- 100 years after Tennessee became the 36th and final vote needed.



Mid-America Arts Alliance (M-AAA) will present Wester: Works on Paper from the Konza Prairie by Department of Art Associate Professor and artist Erin Wiersma.

Mid-America Arts Alliance (M-AAA) will present Wester: Works on Paper from the Konza Prairie by artist Erin Wiersma Kansas State University Associate Professor of Art, for First Friday February 1 and March 1 from 6:00– 8:00 p.m. at 2018 Baltimore in Kansas City's Crossroads Arts District. Wiersma makes her work by dragging pieces of paper—sometimes loose-leaf, sometimes mounted on a tube— along the floor of burned sections of the Konza Prairie. The resulting pieces—part collaboration with nature, part process art, part record of a performance—act as a document of Wiersma's travels through the fields. "When I go out to work in the prairie it is a very ceremonious experience. The whole event is sacred and meditative for me," she says. "I typically pass through a gated section housing a herd of bison that dwell within these lands and graze. At one time Native Americans thrived on the land alongside great herds of bison. Burning was used as a method to herd the bison to specific areas for hunting, and also to rejuvenate the soil. I cannot be on this land without thinking of the people and animals that live here, both past and present." In addition to approximately ten works on paper, the exhibition includes a short video of Wiersma making her work out in the field. Weirsma's work is also currently part of a group show at the Galerie Fenna Wehlau in Munich, Germany.

 January 2019

What Happened...?
Printmaking undergraduate, Melissa Donlon, has been selected to present at the State Captial for her work as an undergraduate research assistant on the NEA Printmaking project.

Melissa was selected to present her research poster at Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol on February 20, 2019, and an abstract of her work will be turned in for publication. Melissa will also have the opportunity to present her work in a 3-minute elevator speech in front of a group of 5 presenters.


Congratulations, Melissa, on this exciting opportunity!

Printmaking graduate student places twice in Speedball "New Impressions" Competition

Hailey Quick, a Master of Fine Arts student in Printmaking, placed twice in the "New Impressions" Speedball competition. Her work titled "Venomous Intent" placed 1st and "Unwanted Solicitation" placed 3rd in the graduate category. She will be awarded $650.00 credit to use on Speedball products, and a matching $650 award will be given to Kansas State University, Department of Art Printmaking area.


"Venomous Intent", 18"x24", Lithograph


"Unwanted Solicitation", 20"x26", Lithograph

These works will be exhibited at the Southern Graphic Council International (SGCI) Conference this March as well as at the Sawtooth Gallery in Winston-Salem, NC shortly after.

In conjunction, Hailey will have work featured at the Southern Hospitality Show, a juried competition, during the SGCI conference at the new art building at the University of North Texas.


"Domestic Bliss (ii)", 11"x14", Lithograph

You can read more about Hailey Quick, her works, and her fellow winners at SpeedballArt.com.


2018 News

What Happened...?

December 2018

What Happened...?
The Hungry Heartland media project is a multi-tiered, multi-media project that addresses the issue of food deserts across Kansas, the nation's breadbasket.

At the heart of the campaign are three Kansas State University classes: a photography class (Art 563 Intermediate Photography), a writing class (ENGL 510 Professional Writing), and a video production class (MC 471 Advanced Audio/Video Production). Students from these classes received training on how to shoot documentary-style photographs, how to write about technical subjects and social media posts, and how to create documentaries. in the fall semester of 2018, they went on field trips to rural Kansas, engaging with Kansans who live in food deserts, and produced photographs, social media, and videos to raise public awareness about food deserts in Kansas. The results from the Intermediate Photography class, led by Professor Shree Joglekar, can be seen here: https://tinyurl.com/KSUHeartland.

Melissa Donlon Coker, painting and printmaking student, was awarded a Frogman's printmaking workshop assistantship for this Summer.

This is a highly competitive and prestigious award.


Art Department Professor Awarded Residency at Asia Cultural Center in South Korea

Carlos Castellanos, Assistant Professor in the Department of Art's Digital/Experimental Media Program has been awarded a residency at the Asia Cultural Center in Gwangju, South Korea. Done in partnership with the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2019), the global residency program for media artists addresses the theme of ISEA2019: Lux Aeterna (Eternal Light), along with its four sub-themes: Aeternitas, Symphonia, Illuminatio, and Penumbra.

The residency will focus on the development of a human-plant communication system. Along with artist and former DX Media student Bello Bello, Castellanos will build a system that measures the photosynthetic and bioelectrical activity from an array of plant microbial fuel cells (P-MFCs) and translate the data into light and sound patterns using machine learning. Bioelectricity, light, sound, CO2, photosynthesis and computational intelligence form a circuit that enhances informational linkages between human, plant, bacteria and the physical environment, enabling a mode of interaction that is experienced not just as a technologically-enabled act of translation but as an embodied flow of information. The research will culminate in a public demonstration and exhibition during the week of the festival (June 22-28).

Multimedia projects from the Department of Art, English and Journalism to show challenges of rural food deserts Dec. 10

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November 2018

What Happened...?
Department of Art DX Media Laser Series

Come to the Department of Art's DX Media Lab in Willard 217 on December 6th to experience three Art and Technology Research Projects currently being developed by our DX Media students and faculty. Assistant Professor Anthony Warnick will present on Mobile Technologies for Text-based Narratives; Computer Science Graduate Student Sandeep Dasari will present his work on Gestural Musical Interfaces, and Art Department Graduate Student Lathan Mastellar will present on his Meditation Photo Booth. The presenters will discuss their projects and engage the audience with interactive demonstrations. More info at dxmedialab.org/laser.


K-State Alumni donates large gift to the Department of Art

"I hope my gift will raise the stature of the art department at K-State and help expose students to a variety of art." - Lindy Bell

Lindy Bell, Rancho Mirage, California, has given a gift of $2 million to name the position of the head of the Department of Art in the College of Arts and Sciences at Kansas State University. Bell is also leaving his vast art collection to the department.

Bell's gift to name the Lindy Bell Head of the Department of Art and the donation of his art collection will have an enormous impact on the department and its ability to deliver high-quality instruction and unique educational experiences to its students.

"We will be able to enhance our ability to provide students with state-of-the-art equipment, as well as allow us to bring a broader spectrum of contemporary artists to campus to enrich their creative activities," said Matthew Gaynor, art department head. "The program will benefit from our ability to maintain Willard Hall and our teaching studio spaces in a manner that reflects the outstanding quality of the work our students produce. Having Lindy's collection will offer the opportunity to allow our art history students to research and curate themed exhibitions based on the collection and develop an initial understanding of curatorial practice."

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October 2018

What Happened...?
KSU assistant professor and area coordinator, Nick Geankoplis, nominated and inducted into the International Academy of Ceramics

The Department Art is proud to announce the nomination and induction of Nick Geankoplis, Ceramics Area Head into the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC) http://www.aic-iac.org/en/academy/the-iac-mission/. This prestigious congress of international artists, less than 700 members globally, seeks to stimulate an international exchange of culture and critical ideologies representing the highest levels of professionals in the field of ceramics. It combines ceramists, potters, artists, designers, authors, collectors, gallerists, conservators, restorers', curators as well as a panel of prestigious institutions. The IAC is also an official partner of the UNESCO cultural section and the only international association devoted strictly to the medium of clay and ceramic art.

Selection for membership is a rigorous process. Candidates for induction into IAC must be nominated by at least three current members. Candidates are then reviewed by a 14-member council. Membership is typically reserved for mid-to-late careers indviduals, however at 36, Professor Geankoplis is among its youngest members.

During this year's conference, in conjunction with the New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, a thematic members-only juried exhibition was held. IAC members were invited to rethink artistic relationships with Far-East ceramic traditions under in the theme "New Orientalia – Functionality, Spirituality, Diversity". Geankoplis' research was not only selected for the exhibition, it was one of 4 art works selected by the council to receive an award.


Printmaking Professor, Jason Scuilla, and Chemistry Professor, Stefan Bossmann, along with the printmaking students attended and were featured at the Eisenhower Circle Celebration for interdisciplinary research at KSU Foundation.

The Eisenhower Circle Celebration was established to recognize our loyal donors who annually contribute $250 or more to the College of Arts and Sciences. By becoming a member of the Eisenhower Circle, our alumni and friends have the unique opportunity to engage with what is happening in the college today and participate in creating a better future.

Karen Griffith (pictued below) is one such donor. She was honored at the event for supporting the projects within the college, as well as her significant contribution towards the Printmaking area of the Department of Art.

Pictured (Left to Right: (Back Row) Seth Strand, Madeleine Wolff, Byron Ashley, and Kellen Reever. (Front Row) Rachel Hermes, Rachel Lord, Prof. Stefan Bossmann, Karen Griffith (Donor), Prof. Jason Scuilla, Kailey Prior, and Katharina Bossmann.)


Pictured (Left to Right): Printmaking Professor, Jason Scuilla, and his family, Melissa (Wife) and Carina (Daughter). (*Not picture is son, Calvin)
The Earl Project

This project is generously funded by Mid-America Arts Alliance, the National Endowment for the Arts,
and the state arts agencies of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas.
Additional funding was provided by the Kansas State University Small Research Grant and the Kansas State University, Department of Art.

The Earl Project engages veterans and soldiers in creating new, original works of visual art both individually and in a collective war stories scroll sculpture. No previous art-making experience is required. It is a project based on the premise that making is cathartic, making feels good, and making meaning of combat experience through art-telling stories has healing potential. In Burn-out art workshops, veterans and soldiers will be taught simple but evocative methods in creating images and stories with fabric and paper burn-out techniques, conceived as emblematic of the psychic burn-out that many soldiers experience. They also are invited to contribute their stories to a community-made sculpture, transformed into abstracted language so it remains as confidential as they choose. Using burn-out techniques along with mending stitches as both metaphor and realization of healing in a physical manifestation, they will transform lived experience into art. The premier feature presentation is two exhibitions of individual and collective work produced by art workshop participants, at the Manhattan Art Center (Manhattan, KS) and Mingenback Art Gallery (Lindsborg, KS) in summer 2019.

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August 2018

What Happened...?
6 K-state art dept students awarded undergraduate research scholarships to investigate new printmaking technology

Transforming Printmaking through Chemical Innovation is a National Endowment of the Arts research project that seeks to transfer technology from the microbiology, circuit board, and commercial plating industries into contemporary printmaking. An interdisciplinary team of nationally recognized artists, chemists, industry experts, and student researchers at Kansas State University are collaborating to empower contemporary printmakers with tools and knowledge necessary to create prints using safer, environmentally friendly, methods equal or superior to classical techniques. This Fall six Kansas State Art Dept Students have been awarded A & S Undergraduate Research Scholarships to apply their printmaking expertise to this research. Madeleine Wolff, Olathe; Rachel Hermes, Wichita; Mikayla Bond, Gardner; Byron Ashley, Topeka; Melissa Donlon, Layfayette, GA; and Kailey Prior, Greenleaf; will assist Printmaking Professor / Principal Investigator Jason Scuilla in further develop this technology. They will collaborate with a team of chemists led by Dr. Stefan Bossmann (Co-PI), create etchings utilizing this new technology, and assist nationally recognized artists who will be visiting to support this research.

K-State Today Article

July 2018

What Happened...?
Former Graduate student and teaching assistant recently accepted faculty position at Oklahoma State University. He will be working with the Printmaking, Drawing and Foundations areas of the program.

Brandon Williams completed the three-year Master in Fine Arts program at K-State in Spring 2017. Congratulations, Brandon Williams! We wish him many success in his new role.

May 2018

What Happened...?
This semester, K-State students studied sketches and printing proofs by John Steuart Curry and developed web pages for the "Curry Illustrations Project."

The project has emerged from a spring 2018 art department seminar taught by Beach Museum of Art Curator Liz Seaton with assistance from Digital Assets Assistant J.P. Harwick and registrars Sarah Price and Theresa Ketterer. English professor Mark Crosby, director of K-State's Digital Humanities Center, provided initial guidance for the course.




Graduate Student, Jennifer Hudson, receives 2nd Place Award at Online Exhibition

The Department of Art Master of Fine Arts graduate student, Jennifer Hudson, took 2nd place in online exhibition, Transplanted, with her work titled 'Hen Party'.

April 2018

What Happened...?
Faculty Show @ Beach Museum makes Local paper

The Manhattan Mercury's exclusive on the KSU Department of Art Faculty Show at the Beach Museum on campus.

OPEN HOUSE 2018_Department of ART


Willard Hall was a flourish of activity and creativity on Saturday, April 6th during Open House. Both the Drawing area and KSU Photo Klub had interactive activities and demos going on on the second floor of Willard and the Prairie Fire Printmakers club and Graphic Designer AIGA organization represented activities on the third floor.

Tables were set up at the Student Union by our Art Advisor, Wendy Queal, and the Art Student Ambassadors ready to meet and greet interested folks wanting to learn more about our programs and department.

Additional Photos...







The Department of Art Scholarship Reception and Award Presentation is quickly approaching. Please join us on April 6, 2018 for hors d’oeuvres, art, and conversation from 4:00-4:45pm outside of the Chapman Gallery located on the first floor of Willard Hall. Our Scholarship Award Presentation will start at 5:00pm in Willard 114.
The Department of Art is pleased to announce 2017-2018 Art Scholarship winners. Congratulations to the following students:
Department of Art Merit Scholarship
  • Lindsay Ebach – Goddard, KS
  • Clare Fallon – Auburn, KS
  • Stephanie Kluitenberg – Manhattan, KS
  • Nahshon Thomas – Manhattan, KS
  • Madison Zorn – Wichita, KS
Weary Family Art Scholarship
  • Melissa Donlon – Manhattan, KS
  • Kelsey Hoines – Atchinson, KS
  • Adrienne Maxwell – Paola, KS
  • Natalie Phrakonekham – Winfield, KS
  • Antonio Pipkin – Manhattan, KS
  • Shelbie Stuckey – Wichita, KS
  • Alexandria Walters – Abilene, KS
Mark A. Chapman & Cheryl Mellenthin Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Bello Bello – Manhattan, KS
  • Jessica Burnes – Westwood, KS
  • Mary Carnes – Overland Park, KS
  • Victoria Harvey – Manhattan, KS
  • Rachel Hermes – Wichita, KS
  • Fiona Liem – Surabaya, Indonesia
  • Logan Robertson – Shawnee, KS
  • Shannon Saville – Wichita, KS
Jason Harper Memorial Scholarship
  • Annie Sauer – Wichita, KS
Pat & Jim Hagan Art Scholarship
  • Emma Allegri – Leawood, KS
  • Adrienne Maxwell – Paola, KS
Oscar V. Larmer Art Scholarship
  • Emma Allegri – Leawood, KS
Florence H. Walker Art Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Hayes – Pittsburg, KS
John W. O'Shea Art Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Hayes – Pittsburg, KS
Eugenia Fairman McNall Award
  • Andrea Klepper – Ellinwood, KS
Charles William Hugo Scholarship
  • Acacia Thalmann – Palmer, KS
Yoshiro and Ester Ikeda Art Scholarship
  • Jessica Levey - Oakland, CA
Charlotte Scott Award
  • Therese Schmaltz – Manhattan, KS
Mary Lucille Dunn Art Scholarship
  • Selena Badami – Overland Park, KS
  • Hazel Ingram – Lawrence, KS
  • Neely Joyce – Manhattan, KS
  • Zelie Thompson – Cypress, TX

The student's works will be displayed in the Chapman Gallery in Willard Hall from April 2-7, 10am-5:00pm. Admission is free to the public.

March 2018

What Happened...?

Rebecca Hackemann-Bahlmann, Assistant Professor in Art, was on a panel for immigration for International Women's Day together with Manhattan's Mayor Usha Reddi.

She chaired the fellowships for AAUW Manhattan Branch, who put this event on in the evening of Thursday, March 8th, and was a guest as a 1st generation female immigrant. The AAUW give away $4 million in fellowships to female grad students nationwide. Professor Bahlmann has been working with the Provost and Deans to get the word out to female grad students.

The following link is the article recently published by K-state today: https://www.k-state.edu/today/announcement.php?id=40057