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Department of Art

Metalsmithing & Jewelry

At the intersection of craft, design and art, the Metalsmithing and Jewelry program provides students with a versatile and professional education that fosters the growth of each student as an independent artists and designer. Students learn various skills ranging from traditional metalsmithing and jewelry techniques to contemporary digital fabrication processes as well as design principles and idea development.

Graduate Studies

Graduate students have studio space separate from the undergraduate students. The graduate student are expected to be a mature, self-motivated individual with a solid but diverse background in metals. Graduate students in Metalsmithing and Jewelry present a Capstone project in a solo exhibition, along with well-researched paper that supports the exhibited work. Graduate students work with a four or five-person committee comprised of multi-disciplinary art faculty who meet for regular critiques, as well as engaging in self-directed independent studio work. Formal and informal reviews with area faculty are held as the need arises.

Qualified students may be eligible for Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA) which provide financial support as well as valuable experience for future employment.


Facilities & Equipment

The K-State Metalsmithing studio occupies 2800 sq. ft. and is divided into 4 areas: a main studio, a smithing studio, a large equipment/advanced studio, and a special techniques studio. Each studio well equipped with an array of tools and equipment for jewelry and metal fabrication, as well as large variety of tools for silversmithing, enameling, casting, and digital technologies such as 3D printing for direct casting.

Graduate Faculty

Dukno Yoon
Associate Professor & Area Coordinator
Willard 302