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Department of Art

Future Students

Fall scene

Our MFA program consists of rigorous, graduate-level study requiring the highest level of focus and professional competency in the visual arts. Students prepare for careers as professional artists and designers by developing a visually and conceptually strong body of work.  Skilled handling of materials and subject are essential, as well as the ability to communicate ideas visually.  Awareness of contemporary studio practice and mastery of the tools necessary for critical analysis are also emphasized.

Graduate Teaching Assistantship

In addition to guidance in the development of a cohesive, culminating body of work, the program offers mentorship in the instruction of art for students interested in university teaching.


GTA appointments are available on a competitive basis, with 100% tuition waiver and stipend.  GTAs assist a professor and are assigned to teach courses related to their areas as Instructor of Record.  K-State MFA students graduate with strong teaching portfolios.

*Award amounts subject to vary yearly.

Laptop Requirement

All Art students are required to have a laptop or access to a laptop during their time as a student in the department. See the Technology Requirements for area specific requirements.


The Department of Art has fully equipped studio and workshop facilities and provides studio space for graduate students

Willard Hall also includes the beautiful Mark A. Chapman Gallery where most MFA candidates have their solo exhibitions

In addition, students have access to the university’s library collections and Media Development Center for lab use, equipment checkout, technical training and instructional design support.

The department is housed in Willard Hall.


The Department of Art has 16 full-time committed faculty members.

Nancy Morrow

Associate Professor & MFA Program Director

Willard 311