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Current Students (FAQ)


When do I submit my Program of Study?

Before the end of your second semester of graduate study, submit the original copy of your Program of Study with committee signatures to the Art Office or Department of Art Graduate Study Director. Director of Graduate Studies or Department Head must endorse Program of Study, as well as your committee members. Copies will be made and delivered to the Dean of the Graduate School.

When is my mid-program review due?

After you have completed 3 semesters of your Program of Study. The original Mid-Program Review with signatures must be submitted within one week to the Art Office for your department file.

Do GTA’s have to do Teacher Evaluations (T-VALS) for all classes?

Yes, every class you teach as instructor of record you must do paper or online T-VALS. You must also submit a copy of your T-VALs report (when it is returned to you from the Center for Teaching and Learning) to the Art Office.

What is the requirement for GTA office hours?  

One hour per class per week in which you are an instructor of record.

I want to start working on my thesis paper. How do I check out previous grads thesis reports?

Check out through the Art Office for a 2 week limited period.

I have made a change to my Program of Study. Do I have to do something?

Yes, you will have to fill out a Program/Committee Change Form and submit to the Art Office or Department of Art Graduate Study Director. A copy will be made for your file, and the original submitted to the graduate school.

I will have to be absent from a class or classes that I am teaching this semester. How do I get approval?

Two weeks prior, fill out the Instructor of Record/GTA Leave Request Form as well as gain signatures from area coordinator and department head.

My thesis show opening is coming up. Is there an approval form I need to fill out to schedule my final defense?

At least two weeks in advance of your examination, fill out the Approval to Schedule Final Examination with the date, time, and place of the final examination that has been approved by all committee members. (If preparing a thesis or report, also bring a copy of the abstract and thesis/report title page.)

How do I get posters and postcards designed and printed for my final MFA Exhibition?

A template for both your poster and postcards will be provided by the Head of the Department or the Graduate Director. Printing will happen through University Printing, and a Purchase Order will need to be completed prior to ordering. You will need to obtain a quote from Printing Services and submit your purchase order to Central Accounting. When you have received a purchase order number, you can place you printing order either by walking over to their office in Umberger Hall or by the online form.

Your materials will need to include SGA information. When completing your purchase order from, please put SGA Funding for the account nickname. You have a $50 maximum on prints (including both posters and postcards).

What is the situation with vinyl for my final MFA exhibition?

There are two options for the creation and installation of vinyl. There is a $50 maximum on vinyl billable to the SGA/Department.

1. Contact Marvin Gould with your specifications, and have him create and hang your vinyl.

2. Print your own vinyl using the Art Department Print Lab and hang it yourself.


Other forms can be accessed through the Graduate website: HERE.