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Department of Art

Student Clubs & Organizations

GSOVA (Graduate Students of the Visual Arts)

Our Mission: To create and promote opportunities for our members and the public to experience the visual arts. We will supplement our formal education by creating opportunities to exhibit work, sponsor exhibitions of work from similar organizations at other universities, and enable our members to attend events pertaining to visual arts.

Membership: GSOVA shall be open to graduate and special students in pursuit of an advance degree in the Fine Arts. Provisional membership status will be extended to final semester graduating seniors intending to continue beyond the Bachelors degree in the discipline of the Visual Arts. Special membership status will be extended to faculty and student alumni with a special interest in the advancement of the Visual Arts at Kansas State University.


2020-2021 Officers (Voted: April 2020)

Hailey Quick, President
Shea Kister, Vice President
Makenzie Burmeister, Secretary & Social Media Coordinator