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Future Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a portfolio to enter the Art department?
Are any scholarships offered to incoming students?
Can I take a tour or speak to someone in person about the Art department?
Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts: What's the difference?
What is the Portfolio Review I keep hearing about?
What kind of careers are available in the Arts?
I want to be an Art major! Now what?

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Do I need a portfolio to enter the Art department?

No, once accepted to Kansas State University, you are automatically accepted into the Department of Art as a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts degree seeking student without a concentration or emphasis. Until you have completed all of the core art requirements and have passed the Portfolio Review, you are considered a general Art student and are not in a specific area of study.

Are any scholarships offered to incoming students?

Yes. Each spring, incoming freshman or transfer students (for incoming Fall students) apply for Department of Art scholarships by submitting a digital portfolio. Guidelines and requirements for the application and portfolio submission can be found HERE.
Can I take a tour or speak to someone in person about the Art department?

If you would like to schedule a visit to the Art department and meet with the Academic Advisor, call the New Student Services at 785-532-6318 to schedule a visit.
Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts: What's the difference?

Check out the Curriculum Guides to compare the differences. The BFA degree is the preferred degree for further study in an MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) program, you must pass the Portfolio Review to be accepted into a concentration area, and at the end of the senior year, students present a formal exhibition of their artwork. The BFA allows for more credit hours in Art courses, where the BA degree requires 4 semesters of a foreign language and more classes in the Humanities and Sciences (outside of the Art department). The BA might be a good choice if you're going for an Art Education degree, or wish to pair Art with another major (i.e. psychology, business, journalism). Still not sure? Email our advisor at queal5@ksu.edu for more information.
What is thePortfolio Review I keep hearing about?

All students must go through a portfolio review process to be considered for admission into the Bachelor of Fine Arts program. Eligible students are those who have completed the core requirements for the BFA degree. The review is offered every spring. The semester you are enrolled in the final of your core classes (spring semester of the sophomore year), you will apply to a specific concentration area (i.e. Graphic Design, Painting, Ceramics, Digital Experimental Arts, Drawing, Photography, Printmaking, or Metalsmithing & Jewelry).

What kind of careers are available in the Arts?


Some of the jobs available to artists include:
Advertising artist, Animator, Art acquisition specialist, Art agent, Art instructor, Art therapist, Cartoonist, Exhibit designer, Freelance artist, Gallery director, Graphic designer / logo design, packaging, stationery, business identities, Illustrator, Industrial designer / develop concepts for cars, appliances, machinery, toys, Jewelry designer, Journalistic artist, Painter, Photographer, Photojournalist, Ceramicist, Sculptor, Set designer, Tattoo artist, Technical illustrator, Web designer, Software designer, Computer Systems designer, Medical illustrator, Book cover/CD cover artist, Art librarian, Picture Framer, Billboard artist/sign painter, Greeting card artist, Muralist, Historical preservation, Art conservationist, Art appraiser, Police/courtroom sketch artist, Corporate art consultant.


Preparing for a Career:

Studio Arts
  • Build your portfolio of best possible artwork.
  • Research exhibition venues and special museum shows in your discipline.
  • Participate in juried shows.
Graphic Design
  • Find a graphic design internship.
  • Work on campus publications in design or layout.
  • Get summer or part-time experience at book, magazine or newspaper publishers.
  • Apprentice with free-lance photographer.
  • Be a staff photographer for yearbook, campus newspaper or magazine.
  • Act as photographer for campus events.
  • Students interested in teaching art in elementary or secondary schools usually pursue a Bachelor of Science in education with a concentration in art through the College of Education.
Pre-Art Therapy
  • The B.A. in art allows student to take the necessary psychology courses needed for admission to a graduate program in art therapy to obtain a master's degree.


Sounds good! I want to be an Art major: Now What?

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