Digital/New Media

The Digital/New Media area engages the intersections of technology and society allowing a physical experience to inform the digital process. The Digital/New Media program references historic and emerging developments within contemporary digital/new media art practice. The program encourages an interdisciplinary lens when creating digital and new media works, allowing students to explore the burred line between art, science, humanities, and history.   
Engaging theoretical concepts of intermedia performance, interactive design, citizen journalism, and community practice, digital/new media students will engage new frontiers within 21st century digital culture fostering an awareness of community and place within the digital age. While the Digital/New Media area does focus on the development of digital craft, the program also stresses student development of conceptual and personal voice utilizing digital media as a tool to express an abstract, analytical and critical thought process.
Crafts explored in the Digital/New Media area: digital video, digital mapping, moving image, web, 3d prototyping, experimental animation, and performance, interactive programming, systems art, electronics/physical computing.
Resources in the Digital/New Media area: Digital SLR Video/Photo Kits, Studio Lighting Kits, Areal Quad-Copter Drone Kit, GoPro VIdeo Kit, 3D Prototypers, Pocket Dolly System, Audio/Visual kits, Projectors, Flatscreens, CNC Router, Laser Cutter/Engraver, Digital Mac Lab, Arduino microcontrollers, sensors and electronics, Max/MSP/Jitter software 

BFA Digital/New Media Art Graduation Requirements

Suggested Course Sequence
Matt Garcia 
Matt Garcia


Matt Garcia
Assistant Professor
Area Coordinator

Carlos Castellanos
Assistant Professor

David Smith
Digital Tech/Post Grad

Jay Risner