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Department of Art

Art Major and Minor Degree Requirements

Undergraduate Degrees:

Bachelor of Arts (BA):  


Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)  following concentration areas:  
Emphasis Options (Post-CAR):


Digital Experimental Media


Graphic Design

Metalsmithing & Jewelry





Minor in Art:

The capstone of the Minor in Art (ART 404) requires students to prepare an essay (1600-2000 words) explaining the focus of their program of study in Art, and reflecting on how their classes came together to meet or enhance their core educational objectives. 

Foundation Program (Pre-CAR):

All students in the Art department take the two year Foundation program which involves courses in Design, Drawing, Core electives and the required one credit class called Careers in Art Seminar. Many of these Core Electives are the first course in the Area concentrations. So, students have the opportunity to try out an area before they commit to applying to that Concentration through the Concentration Admissions Review (CAR). In addition all students must take courses in Art History. See the curriculum guides above for the complete requirements for the B.A. and B.F.A. Studio degrees and contact the Art Advisor if you are interested in a B.A. in Art History.

In the semester when they are completing the eight Studio courses in the Foundation program, B.F.A. students may apply to their concentration through the Concentration Admissions Review called C.A.R. The eight studio courses are the following:

Required Core Courses;

ART 180: 2-D Design
ART 200: 3-D Design
ART 190: Drawing I
ART 210: Drawing 2

Core Elective (Choose one 2D & one 3D: Listed below):

2-D studio options:                                                          

ART 290: Type and Design Principles                                        
ART 320: Watermedia I                                                         
ART 335: Printmaking I                                                         
ART 345: Oil Painting I
ART 395: Photography in Art

3-D studio options:

ART 331: Interactive Art
ART 340: Sculpture 1
ART 365: Ceramics I
ART 370: Metals and Jewelry
Plus two courses that are either a 2D or 3D option or ART 330 Digital Techniques
ART 325: Figure Drawing I (which is a requirement but does not have to be taken before C.A.R.)

*(Please note that ART 320, 335, 340, 345, 365, 370, 395, used to be 220, 235, 230, 245, 265, 270, 295 respectively).