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Department of Art


The BFA Program in Painting welcomes energetic individuals who are committed to developing their knowledge, skills and aesthetic direction through the medium of paint. The Painting curriculum is structured to enable students to build consistently on their foundation training in drawing and design, toward a synthesized, individual direction and body of work. Through exploration of various media, students gain competency in the use of basic tools and techniques associated with painting and explore the many expressive and conceptual directions that paint, as a media may take. Experimentation is encouraged along with structured skill acquisition, providing a strong base from which students may continue to develop toward advanced achievement.

Contemporary issues as well as historical models are presented throughout the program, providing a wide range of expressive potentials, and fostering the development of critical thinking through discussion and analysis of work. Students receive individual attention within a positive learning environment, and the development of individual identity within the students’ work is the goal. Through the BFA Program in Painting, students develop their personal, aesthetic vision and prepare for their professional future.

Student Club - Painting Society

Visiting Artist Programs

An annual visiting artist program enriches the graduate learning environment by bringing noted artists, art historians and art critic to campus each semester.

Visiting Artists in Painting, 2003-2014 include:

Jaune Quick-to-See-Smith, New Mexico (2014)

Kat Griefen, New York (2014)

Peregrine Honig, Kansas City, MO (2012)

Peter Frank, Los Angeles, CA (2012)

Marc Handelman, New York (2011)

Gail Gregg, New York (2010)

Julie Heffernan, New York (2009)

Roger Shimomura, Kansas and Washington State (2009)

Ricky Allman, Kansas City, MO (2008)

Paul Flippen, Colorado (2006)

Hildur Bjarnadottir (Painting and Textiles), Oregon (2006)

Kurt Kauper, New York (2006)

Melissa Miller, Texas (2004)

Norman Lundin, Washington State (2003)

Painting Graduation Requirements:


painting painting student


Kevin Bernstein
Associate Professor
Area Coordinator
Office: Willard 119
Nancy Morrow
Associate Professor
Office: Willard 311