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Department of Art

K-State Ceramics Post-Baccalaureate Studies

Post Baccalaureate Studies

K-State Ceramics offers a Non-Certificate post-baccalaureate program. It is an opportunity for artists who hold a bachelor's degree and are interested in developing their practice while participating in an active academic ceramics studio. Post-baccalaureate studies are often for those transitioning out of, or back into, school but may also act as support for visiting or international artists. Interests in pursuing a large individual project or building a portfolio for graduate school, residencies or grant applications, in which an academic studio environment is needed, will also be considered for the position. Post Baccalaureates at K-state play a key role in the studio ecosphere contributing to its day to day function and work flow. Their frenetic yet reflective studio practices serve as peer-like examples for other students. Post Baccalaureate are expected to maintain a high degree of professionalism and community engagement. For more details click here


● Post Baccalaureates receive a semi-private studio space
● Nearly all firings and in stock studio materials included
● One on one mentorship and critical feedback from faculty, Artist in Residence, and students
● Attend advanced undergraduate ceramics seminar and participation in group critiques
● Audit special topics courses in contemporary clay, postmodern pots, ceramic design, or sculpture
● Access to departmental wood shop, 2D/3D print lab, studio photography room
● Opportunities to assist faculty in teaching may also be available


● Applicants must possess a bachelor's degree. A BFA is not required
● Upon invitation from the Ceramics Area, post baccalaureates must apply and be approved for admission to Kansas State University, this is a $35 non-refundable fee
● Enroll in 1 credit of ART 430- Independent Studies Ceramics. Tuition and fees are approximately $1060 per semester for out-of-state students
● Maintain an active efficacious studio practice
● Contribute 10hrs a week of service to the ceramics area

Application Process

Application Deadline: April 15th
All applications must be submitted by email to ngeankoplis@ksu.edu and include the following materials:
● Letter of Intent
● Resume
● Artist Statement
● List of 2 references with phone numbers and email addresses
● PDF portfolio of 10 images of recent work with image descriptions. Include title, date, medium, and dimensions for each image (under 20MB). For video, audio or web based content embed links in the PDF file.