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Department of Art

K-State Ceramics Post-Baccalaureate Studies

Non-Certificate post-baccalaureate studies

K-State Ceramics Non-Certificate post-baccalaureate studies is an opportunity for artists who have completed a bachelor’s degree program and are looking to work in an active academic ceramics studio. Artists who are transitioning out of or back into school can work in the academic setting while developing a more independent studio practice. Post-baccalaureate studies may also act as a system to support a visiting or international artist, someone working on a large project, or building a portfolio for applying to graduate school or residencies.

Post-baccalaureate students at K-State receive a personal studio space in larger shared studio and are actively involved in the K-State Ceramics program. Post-baccalaureate students are invited to attend the advanced undergraduate ceramics seminar and participate in group ceramics critiques. Opportunities to assist faculty in teaching and in the studio may also be available. There are anywhere from one to three post-baccalaureate students studying at K-State at any given time. Through individual meetings, interaction with faculty, graduates, undergraduates, and the resident artist, students receive valuable critical feedback and guidance in pursuing a career in the arts.

Expectations for accepted post-baccalaureate students

  • Enroll in 1 credit of ART 430- Independent Studies Ceramics
  • Up to 10hrs/week work exchange
  • Post-baccalaureate students are responsible for all personal living expenses
  • Tuition and fees, approximately $1060 per semester for out-of-state students
  • Materials (excluding colorants and materials not normally stocked) and firings (excluding wood) are covered by the lab fee, which is included in tuition and fees above
  • Applicants must possess a bachelors degree in any area of study (it does not have to be a BFA)
  • Students must apply and be approved for admission to Kansas State University upon invitation from the Ceramics Area, this is a $35 non refundable fee

Application Process

Deadline – April 15th for fall admission

Please send the below listed in a single pdf, 20mb or less to amysanto@k-state.edu

  • Letter of Intent
  • Resume
  • Artist Statement
  • List of two professional references
  • 10 images of creative work with image descriptions