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Department of Art

Bachelor of Arts in Art with an emphasis in
Art History

Art History approaches the study of human culture and history via diverse forms of visual expression. As a humanistic discipline that takes works of art as its primary objects of study, Art History allows students to develop critical thinking and oral and written communication skills, and it especially enhances a student's ability to analyze information presented in visual form, an increasingly valuable skill in today's image-saturated world.

Through historical analysis of works of art, students discover how human visual expression has responded to and embodied diverse aspects of human culture, reflecting and informing economic systems, religious practices, and political ideologies, to name only a few. In the process, students with a concentration in Art History gain a background in the humanities that not only develops their research and critical thinking skills, but also provides  them with the knowledge necessary to contextualize and analyze diverse forms of information. Such skills provide a foundation for success in a variety of vocations, and students with a concentration in Art History from Kansas State University have gone on to pursue diverse careers, as well as graduate study in Art History, art conservation, and education.



Dr. Glen Brown
Office: Willard 307
Dr. Douglas N. Dow
Associate Professor
Area Coordinator
Office: Willard 212