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Department of Art

CAR Information for BFA Students

After completing the core art requirements for the BFA program (or during the semester taken of the last required core classes), apply for the Concentration Admission Review (CAR). 

(Art History is not included)*

ART 180: 2-D Design
ART 200: 3-D Design
ART 190: Drawing I
ART 210: Drawing 2
ART 325: Figure Drawing

And three courses from the following (include one 2D and one 3D class):

2-D studio options:
ART 290: Type and Design Principles
ART 320: Watermedia I
ART 335: Printmaking I
ART 345: Oil Painting I
ART 395: Photography in Art

3-D studio option:
ART 331: Interactive Art
ART 365: Ceramics I
ART 370: Metals and Jewelry


2 or 3-D option: any of the above or ART 330: Digital Techniques

*The Art History requirements for the BFA degree do not need to be completed before going through CAR, they may be taken throughout your studies.)

CAR Dates + Application

Roughly the first week of October or the last week in February.To apply, make sure you are enrolled in ART 298.

What to Submit:
  1. A copy of your Academic History which will include all the required Core classes. You may be in the middle of completing these classes when you go through CAR.
  2. A typed list of the GRADES you earned in your Core courses - for the core classes in which you are currently enrolled, put 'TBD' (To Be Determined)
  3. Graphic Design and Digital Arts students must submit a written statement. Details are included in your application packet.

Select one piece from each of the 8 core classes you have completed and are currently enrolled in. An additional four pieces from any of these courses that support your choice of major may also be selected. You may not include work that was not completed for a course or work from high school. It MUST be from a class that earned you college credit.

Your work must be hung by 9 a.m. on the first day of your review. You do not need to mat or mount or frame any work unless it is already presented this way. Photograph 3-D artwork from 3 angles and display the photos to protect the safely of the piece.  The metals cabinet on the 3rd floor may be used for 3d pieces. Contact the advsior for information to get the key.

What to Remember:

CAR is the determining factor in your being accepted into the BFA degree program.  Students cannot take any upper level courses that lead to a concentration in the BFA program without undergoing CAR.  You apply to CAR the semester you are enrolled in the final group of your core classes, typically 4th semester in the program.

You may apply for more than one area when you go through CAR. If you are not accepted the first time, you are allowed to apply twice to any given area.