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Department of Art

Taryn Hampton


Taryn Hampton is a second year MFA student in Kansas State University's Digital and Experimental Media Lab. She earned her BA degree from DePauw University in 2015, majoring in studio art with a focus in sculpture, and minoring in computer science. As an undergraduate, she researched intelligent tutoring systems and mobile game design for the National Science Foundation at North Carolina State University.

Thesis Direction

I am currently exploring new ways to move through space in an effort to re-contextualize the familiar. I am working with Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat as sites for virtual interaction and collaborating with graphic designers and photographers alike. One project that I am particularly exited about is a road trip from the east coast to the west coast executed in complete darkness, using light pollution maps to determine a route and documented through night sky photography posted to Instagram.

Artist Statement

Through locative media and cartographic practice, I explore the relationships between physical and virtual spaces. The difference between these two types of spaces is dependent on the social interactions that happen within them. Physical spaces (such as a room, building or city) are spaces in which non-digitally mediated communication may occur, whereas virtual spaces (such as chat-rooms, online ads, and social media sites) are defined entirely by the digitally mediated communications that happen within them. My work is heavily influenced by my own simultaneous existence in both physical and virtual space; my cartographic performances map connections between social media interactions and my movements derived from those interactions, for example. Through the mapping of these relationships, I conceptually explore non-autonomous journeys, depopulation and obsolescence, and subverting both human behavior and machinated efficiency. I aim to establish driving as performance, tweeting as a cartographer's tool and cartography as an artist's method.