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Department of Art

Taylor Klover


Taylor Klover is a second year MFA student at Kansas State University pursuing a focus in graphic design. Taylor received her Bachelor of Arts from Kansas Wesleyan University majoring in visual communications.

Thesis Direction

Currently, Taylor is investigating the ways that brands choose to communicate through storytelling methods and the connectedness with these organizations strive to provoke. Storytelling has been and will continue to be an instrument of society as it is used to pass down vital and fundamental information. Likewise, storytelling based methodologies as a form of communication has been current and alive in graphic design to connect with audiences. Explicitly, creating a narrative has become a prominence in the space of branding. A prosperous brand story creates a full, holistic picture of the facts, feelings, message and interpretations that the company embodies. A successful brand chooses to consistently tell their story through their visual imagery, motion and content copy over several platforms and media.

Subsequently, a lot of brands either are not using storytelling as a tool, aren't using it well or are not telling a consistent story. If all platforms and tools used for generating story--image, video, copy--do not provide a consistent experience for your customer, your brand loses power and credibility. Drawing on case studies from an array of branding systems, the aim and purpose of study is to investigate companies use of brand storytelling, identify distinct genres of narrative communication and develop methodology that will generate a set of criteria in which guides future brand story structure.