Rebecca Bahlmann

Assistant Professor of Photography


M.F.A.- Stanford University, CA, USA; Studio Art Practice. 1996
B.F.A.- University of Westminster, London, UK. 1994
Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study Program Fellow



Rebecca is a British conceptual artist who works in lens based and optical media, such as stereo photography, photographic phenakistiscopes, and anamorphic installations. She has exhibited internationally in London, England, Leiden, The Netherlands, and in New York, San Francisco and Philadelphia in the United States. Her practice challenges existing media categories, such as the flat photographic image on the wall. An interest in philosophy and theory  influence the conception and themes contained within the works, which are concerned with issues of perception, the politics of representation, and the intersection between language and image, public and private.

Research interests: Photography Theory, Photographic Rhetorical Forms, Lacanian Psychoanalysis (non-clinical), Social Practice Photography, the role of the artist in society.



Installation View

Installation View Anam

The Black Gold

The Corsette