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News & Announcements

August 2017

Upcoming opportunity for Assistant Professor Rebecca Bahlmann at The Society for Photo graphic Education's West Conference

Assistant Professor Rebecca Bahlmann (aka Rebecca Hackemann) will be a speaker and round table conversation co chair at The Society for Photogrpahic Education's West Conference, TahoeLab, together with California new media artist Matt Garcia and California photographer Daniel Mirer.

Between Art and the Practicalities of Media Education
Friday November 4th and Saturday November 5th.

Abstract: Theodor Adorno, writes, "The value of an artwork is not measured by how well it communicates, but on the contrary by how much it resists pre-given standards of judgment". What is the place of media/photographic art in the world today? Do we meet the aspirations and economic realities of our students?

Assistant Professor Rebecca Bahlmann recently had work represented in several exhibitions

Rebecca Hackemann's art work (wet collodion tintypes, stereo photographs) were included in the following exhibitions.

- Foley Gallery, Digital versus Analog, New York, NY (August)
- The Center for Fine Art Photography, Black and White, curated by Ann Jastaab, Fort Collins, CO (July / August)
- Center for Photographic Art, group exhbition, Carmel CA (June / August)

Associate Professor Erin Wiersma upcoming show in Denver, Co

Associate Professor Erin Wiersma will be showing work in the Viewing Room Gallery at the Robichon Gallery in Denver, Co. The Work shown is a series of complex, monochromatic abstractions utilizing densely layered acrylic and graphite on paper.


Associate Professor Daniel Warner honored as Poster Master

Daniel Warner was honored as a "poster master" for contributions to the field, with feature, interview, etc. at the design community's central hub for the format, posterposter.org

Among the 18 international designers who currently share this honor are Stephan Sagmeister, Paula Scher, Milton Glaser, Pablo Kunst, Peter Bankov, Yossi Lemel, Gotz Gramlich, Andrew Lewis, James Verdesoto and others.


Current Feature:

Ceramics Professor, Nick Geankoplis, Article is published in Studio Potter Magazine Summer/Fall Edition
Grad Student selected as Art Editor for Touchstone Magazine.

Kehinde P. Osho, a graduate student in the Master of Fine Arts, Graphic Design program, was selected as the art editor for the upcoming edition of Touchstone Magazine. Congratulations!!

A Bachelor of Arts in Ceramics alumna was featured in several Kansas City publications this summer.

Emily Reinhardt, an alumna of KSU's Department of Art with an emphasis in Ceramics, was featured in the August 2017 edition of HERLIFE Magazine, and June's edition of 435 Kansas City's Magazine. Dive into articles and read about Rienhardt and her Object Enthusiast.