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Department of Art


Graduate program in photography is 3-year program comprised of intensive critical investigation of the medium. The emphasis is on rigorous experimentation and research in contemporary lens-based art practices that inform individual creative and intellectual objectives.

Graduate students in photography get personal studio spaces and have access to analog, digital, and hybrid means of creating images. In the final year, graduate students present a well researched thesis paper accompanied by graduate exhibition.


Photography area provides state-of-art facilities in wet, digital, and alternative methods of image-making. Students have access to following resources:

  • Darkrooms for archival silver processes.
  • Mac labs with archival wide format (17-44 inch) printers.
  • Equipment for high resolution, dry and wet film scanning.
  • Lighting studio with hot and strobe lighting equipment.
  • Individual studio spaces for graduate students, and a common studio space for undergraduate seniors.

Students also get to check out a variety of cameras: from pinhole to large format, tripods, and other miscellaneous equipment on short-term basis.

Recent Photography Graduate Work:

Takara Geck

Graduated Spring 2017 with her Master of Fine Arts degree.

Graduate Faculty

Rebecca Hackemann-Bahlmann
Assistant Professor
Area Coordinator
Office: Willard 201A
Shreepad Joglekar
Associate Professor
Office: Willard 314