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Department of Art

Metalsmithing and Jewelry

Graduate students have studio space separate from the undergraduate students. The graduate student is expected to be a mature, self-motivated individual with a solid but diverse background in metals. The graduate student is expected to do independent projects with occasional assignments to make up or improve his/her skills. Formal and informal reviews will be held as the need arises.  Trips to art museums, workshops, and conferences are encouraged.


The Metals/Jewelry area occupies 3000+sq feet of space in Willard Hall. Equipment is extensive in a physical plant that is relatively new. This includes the normal mechanical and hand equipment for the basic process of soldering, casting, finishing, raising, press forming, forging, etc. In addition specific equipment such as enameling kilns, sandblasters, forge and triphammer, drill press, flex shafts, etching stations all enable the graduate student to fully explore traditional, contemporary, and innovative approaches to Jewelry/Metals.

metals studio

Graduate Faculty

Dukno Yoon
Associate Professor
Area Coordinator
Office: Willard 302
Heather Bayless
Office: Willard 303