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Department of Art


The K-State ceramics program fosters an interdisciplinary and challenging learning environment. Our three year program is conducive to research, experimentation, and development.

In any given semester, there are 2 to 6 graduate students, 2 to 6 post baccalaureate students, 10 to 15 undergraduate students concentrating in Ceramics, and a Visiting Artist in Residence. The K-State ceramics area offers a three-year course of study towards the Master of Fine Arts Degree.  MFA candidates are granted a large semi-private studio (300 – 500 sq ft) and access to fully equipped facilities.  Graduate Teaching Assistantships provide financial support as well as valuable experience for future employment.  Full GTA responsibilities consist of teaching 2 courses each semester or 1 course and 10 hours of work exchange.  Compensation includes a full tuition waiver and a salary of $3,750 per semester. Other teaching opportunities become available on occasion.

Past graduate students have focused on functional ware, design, sculpture, and installation. During an MFA candidate’s first year he or she selects a graduate committee of 4 or more faculty members. Students have access to the entire K-State faculty and are encouraged to seek committee members whose research is relevant to that of the student.

MFA exhibition, Amanda Small


The ceramics area occupies over 7,000+sq. ft. of the ground floor of the newly renovated Willard Hall. The new space boasts 475+sq. ft. Large semi-private studios and common work spaces generate a dynamic, creative learning environment.

Electric Kilns

  • 1 – Skutt 1627-18.5 cu ft
  • 2 – Skutt 1227-10 cu ft
  • 7 – Skutt 1027-7 cu ft
  • 3 – 2.6 cu ft
  • 2 – 1 cu ft test

Electric Kiln Room

Gas Kilns

  • Down Draft. – 16 cu ft
  • Down Draft Car – 40 cu ft
  • Up Draft – 16 cu ft
  • Cross Draft Soda Kiln – 14 cu ft
  • Gas Test Kiln – 4 cu ft
  • 2 oxygen sensors

K-State Gas Kilns

Wood Kiln

  • 40 cu ft train kiln designed by Ted Neal, Associate Professor at Ball State

Wheel Throwing Studio

  • 16 Electric Wheels
  • 4 Kick Wheels

Hand Building Studio

  • 2 Extruders
  • Brent SR-20 Slab Roller

Slip Casting/Mold Making room

  • Slip’O'Matic – 20gal
  • 2 casting tables
  • Plaster area
  • Commercial Molds

Ikeda Gallery

  • 300sq ft clean space to hold reviews, critiques, or photograph work. 


  • Digital Decal Printer - Full color 8.5" x11"
  • Vinyl Plotter
  • MakerBot Replicator
  • MakerBot Digitizer
  • 4′x8′ CNC Router
  • Laser Cutter
  • Glaze Calculation Lab
  • Thermofax – for creating silk screens
  • Photography Studio
  • Clay Mixing Room
  • Spray Booth
  • Pug Mill
  • Ball Mill
  • Sand Blasting Booth
  • Air Compressor 

Graduate Faculty

Glen R. Brown
Professor & Ceramic Critic
Office: Willard 307
Nick Geankoplis
Assistant Professor
Area Coordinator
Office: Willard 030