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Department of Art

Upcoming - MFA Student Exhibitions

March 13-April 1, 2017
"Time & Again" An MFA Exhibition by Brandon Williams

brandon williams 

brandon williams

March 6-17, 2017
"Living with Tooflady" An MFA Exhibition by Thea Meussling

 thea meussling

MANHATTAN —The Kansas State University Department of Art will present the exhibition "Living with Tooflady" by MFA Candidate Thea Meussling from March 6–March 17 in the Mark A. Chapman Gallery in Willard Hall, Kansas State University campus. Meussling's most recent work is composed of performances, videos, and installations. Admission is free and open to the public.

This exhibition is in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Fine Arts Degree at Kansas State University, and is funded in part by the AHSS Small Grant Program. This show contains performances that will be recorded.

There will be commercial movie images projected on a small TV screen that contain brief periods of nudity, profanity, and violence. There may be other times when brief profanity is used. Therefore, the Department of Art has issued a parental advisory and suggests that attendees are over 18 years of age.

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Thea Meussling is a performance-based artist. She has developed an alter ego, Tooflady, to use as the protagonist for all of her work. The Mark A. Chapman Gallery will be transformed into Tooflady's place of residence. The artist will be present in the gallery, existing as Tooflady. Meussling's exhibition will spark interactions between Tooflady and the public. Tooflady's moments of living daily life will be ephemeral, existing only for and with the people present during that specific moment of time. Along with living her daily life, there are scheduled performances to be viewed. "Eating Tooflady's Eggs", one of the performances, is a deviled egg eating competition on Wednesday, March 8th at 4pm. There will also be raffle events, "Tooflady Invites You!", to spend time with Tooflady in the evenings. One of these evening events gives you the chance to watch WrestleMania XIV with Tooflady on Tuesday, March 7th at 5pm. 1 carton of eggs purchases 1 raffle ticket. Ticket sales start at 4:30pm.

The reception and performance, "Tooflady's House Party", will be on Wednesday, March 15th 5-9pm. Dress up or wear a costume. There will be food, dancing, and games!

The Mark A. Chapman Gallery on the first floor of Willard Hall opened in 2005. Cheryl Mellenthin and Mark Chapman funded a complete renovation of the former Willard Hall Gallery, increasing the exhibition space to over 1,400 square feet along with 400 square feet dedicated to exhibition preparation and kitchen facilities. The Department of Art hosts BFA and MFA student exhibitions in the gallery as part of graduation requirements each semester. The technology friendly gallery serves not only exhibition purposes, but also provides a location for an active Visiting Artist lecture program.

thea meussling

thea meussling

thea meussling


thea meussling

thea meussling

February 25-April 1, 2017
"Collective Progression" an exhibition by KSU Graduate Students in Art

Graduate students from Kansas State University Department of Art will hold a group exhibition in the Kirmser Gallery at The Manhattan Arts Center. The exhibition will include works from first, second, and third year graduate students. Works range from photography, sculpture, painting, printmaking, ceramics, graphic design, and digital media.

The MAC website.

Opening reception will be held from 2-4pm Saturday, February 25th.

Sponsored by:

Strecker-Nelson Gallery

Rebecca & Marvin Gould

February 6-24, 2017
"Evidence of My (Mal) Adjustment" An MFA Thesis Exhibition by Takara Geck


Mark A. Chapman Gallery
1st floor Willard Hall

Hours: 10am-5pm, Monday-Friday

Reception: Friday, February 10th, from 5:00-7:00pm



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